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The Adam4adam website has been around for over fifteen years now. There are around ten million users, and many of its functions are free. It is among the leading online dating platforms for gays. Members can find a date, someone to chat with, friends, long-lasting romantic affairs, fun, networking chances, and more. Adam4adam is simple to navigate through, communicate, and find perfect matches. The owners additionally adjusted its application to make it more appealing, quicker, and simpler for customers. It is also one of the top matchmaking services that provide a variety of functions free of charge. VIP users get access to more advanced perks, which guarantee an incredible experience on the Adam4adam website.

What Is Adam4adam?

Who exactly is a mail-order bride?

It is a dating site for gay people launched in 2003. The service is majorly for casual romantic encounters. The Adam4adam platform was among the first dating services meant for gay users.

Since its creation, many people keep joining it. The platform is famous for offering a great service for free. Its owners earn so much from ads, making it possible to keep running the place with lots of free services. There are also adult videos, donations, and several other projects that bring them money.

The Adam4adam site welcomes gay males; one may be a bisexual, a twink, a metrosexual, or a closet. Provided you are above 18 years of age, you may utilize it no matter where you live.

Member Structure

Adam4adam has around 10 million users at the moment. All its subscribers are male. 6 300 000 customers are from the US. The rest of the community comes from every corner of the globe. Each day, there are around 440 000 logins. Any time you visit the platform, you will find nearly 60 000 users online. Most people on the website are above 25 years old, and there are more than 1 000 000 site visits each month.

50% of Adam4adam’s users are black men. The platform additionally allows couples to join.

Users Age

To enjoy the Adam4adam dating service, one must reach the age of majority. You might encounter many people aged 25 and up to 55 years.

Sexual Preferences

Adam4adam is for gay users. Whether you are bisexual, a twink, a metrosexual, or a closet, feel free to join it.

Race and Ethnicity

Adam4adam welcomes all races and ethnicities. You will surely come across representatives of different countries. So, expect to find Asians, Blacks, Americans, and many others.

Religious Orientation

Religion doesn’t matter when joining the dating platform. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, you can register and create an account on Adam4adam.

Age Distribution

All Adam4adam users are above eighteen years. Age ranges from 18 to 55 years, with most of them being 25+. So, people between 18 and 24 years are few. 22% of the population is between 25 and 34 years. The 35-44 age category takes 17%. People aged 45-54 make 19% of the community.

There are also 55+ users on the Adam4adam website; they amount to 31%.

Mail Dating Services: Quick Overview

How to Register?

Registering on the Adam4adam website is slightly different, depending on how people access the service. Below is how to sign up using various platforms.

  • Computer

Open the site. In the middle of the display, provide details like your email, nickname, and password. Users may even register through Facebook. When you use the social media registration option, you will not need to add any essential details. Adam4adam will import them from Facebook or any other linked account. Also, the site will not post anything on your page.

  • Mobile

You can join Adam4adam through an iOS or Android app. After installing the application, load it and provide your email, username, and password on the registration page. You must also answer some questions when signing up, for example, specify your age and location. You may also sign in with Facebook, like on the desktop site.

When registering on Adam4adam, agree to the rules and regulations. You also need to upload a picture and verify yourself through captchas. The website also has email verification, which is not a must. You can start searching for matches without getting verified.

Making Contact

To message someone on the Adam4adam platform, users first have to perform a search. There are several search filters to try. One may be specific or general when looking for a match.

Non-paying individuals have a minimum of 3 saved findings. So, to have more, you must upgrade the membership.

When it comes to chats, free users have only 10 days to keep their interactions. After that, messages will get deleted. Premium subscribers are eligible for 30 days. Basic members can also keep 20 chats, whether active or not, in the folder. Paying visitors can store up to 200 texts.

Match System

There are several parameters that can help find a partner on Adam4adam: location, appearance, personality, age, and so on. All those details are available on profiles, and that is what the site algorithm uses to suggest matches. You can also search among people who are online. Finding an active match speeds up your journey of getting what you want from the website.

Profile Quality

The profiles on Adam4adam are simple, and they contain a lot of useful information. These details can help you determine if a person suits you or not.

The information provided on profiles can be edited later if users wish to add or remove something. So, members can modify their accounts to make them more interesting whenever they like.

How to Fill out a Profile?

Adam4adam’s accounts comprise essential data: appearance, sex preferences, relationship status, and lifestyle. You must also include your location below your nickname.

The Adam4adam platform also has a bio part. There is even a text box, which other users use to message you.

People must share at least two photos. The main one is public, and there is the primary app pic. In case the main image is not G-ranked, the app picture will get used in its place. The main app picture must be G-ranked and should never reveal private parts of the body.

The pictures uploaded on Adam4adam must be decent. Nudes are not allowed, but it is possible to come across some on the site. The fact that other people have added such photos without the site noticing it should not prompt you to do the same. If caught, you will get penalized.

The Adam4adam site also allows users to come up with the visitor profile. The section gets based on a particular place that a person visits.

Besides the above details, Adam4adam also requires people to answer a few questions. They relate to the necessary information and interests. Members need to specify the age of the potential match, their sex, and where they live. You may also indicate your occupation.


The dating service has several benefits, such as:

  1. Many users: There are around 10 million people from every corner of the globe. The large population implies that it is easier to meet a match any moment you enter the site.
  2. Experience: Adam4adam can boast over 15 years of online dating experience. So, the developers know what people want, and they always ensure to provide that.
  3. Free service: The Adam4adam application gets downloaded without paying, and there are many unpaid features.
  4. Good-looking users: One can meet many sexy men to interact with and have casual sex affairs.
  5. Several languages: The service is available in Russian, German, English, among others.
  6. Mobile app: It allows users to chat with their matches from wherever they are.
  7. Sex shop: Buy sex toys at affordable prices.
  8. Video chatting: Users can chat using the video tool for free.
  9. Picture verification: All photos must get verified before they are uploaded.
  10. Social networks: Adam4adam has its official Facebook and other social network pages where users can get more information.

Mobile App

Adam4adam has come up with a mobile app, and the website can get accessed using a phone browser. There are 2 versions for Android and iOS available on Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. VIP users can make in-app purchases and translate the interface into German, Russian, Arabic, English, and more.

On Google Play Store, there have been over 500 000 downloads. However, the applications have fewer features in comparison with the desktop version; the mobile site has full functionality.

When it comes to interface, the app is less interesting. Also, it looks cluttered and hard to access.

In the phone browser, however, you are guaranteed a pleasant experience. The site design is better than that of the app.

How to Download the Application?

The Adam4adam app is free to download. Android users can get it from the Google Play Store and iOS users — from the App Store. You only need to search the application and click on the Install option. The download process will start, and once it finishes, you can install it on your device.

The Interface of the Mobile App

The Adam4adam has a simplified interface. People do not have to be tech-savvy to know how to operate it. The application version works the same way as the PC site. You begin by signing up and filling out the profile details. You must additionally add some pictures.

After a profile gets set up, members may explore the community to see if someone fits their requirements.

Design and Usability

The design of the Adam4adam website leaves something to be desired. However, since the service is for adults, its owners do not dwell on this.

Members encounter many ads, and many of them contain sexual content. The features are easily located, but they can be presented better. Also, the structure of user accounts is not complicated, like on other similar platforms. Personal information is displayed in text format.

Cost and Membership Prices

Many of the functions found on the Adam4adam website are free. However, users may still upgrade their membership if they want a better experience. Once you choose to pay, the payment will get renewed automatically unless you stop it.

Presently, premium charges start from 4 dollars per week, and that varies depending on your country. The website reserves the right to update pricing policy whenever they deem it appropriate. Users are not allowed to cancel an active subscription.

Free Services

Below are free services and their benefits.

  • Unlimited browsing: People can browse as many profiles as they like to find their perfect matches. You can search by location, age, and other available filters.
  • Browsing people in other regions: If you plan to visit another city, the Adam4adam website allows you to look for a partner you can hook up with there.
  • Viewing all members: It is possible to see every person featured on the site. You can also know who is online and who is not, which helps you decide who to contact.
  • Many filters: The Adam4adam website allows searching for matches using more than 20 filters: body type, interests, age, and location, among others.
  • Sharing photos: You can send and receive pictures in the chat section. Doing that let people know each other better.
  • Messaging: Users can send and get an unlimited number of texts. Being able to chat more helps members to determine if people suit them or not.
  • Saved phrases: The Adam4adam app sends preset messages. Doing that speeds up communication.
  • Favorites list: You can add the people you like to your Favorites list. Thus, you can access them faster when you want to chat. The people you add will get notified. It works both ways: when other people do the same for you, you will be informed.
  • Blocking: Adam4adam allows users to block fake members or anyone they do not want to encounter. Doing that makes up for a calm and relaxed atmosphere inside the community.
  • Sending smiles: This feature facilitates initiating a conversation with a stranger. Once you submit a smile, a person will know you like them, and they will reply if the feelings are mutual.
  • Tracking users: The Adam4adam site allows members to track people who check out their profiles. With this, you can tell who is interested in you.
  • Hiding last seen: Free visitors can hide when they were last active on the website. It helps you maintain some privacy. If someone keeps an eye on you, they won’t be able to tell what you are doing.
  • Connecting with social media: The Adam4adam app enables people to link their social media accounts. Thus, you will not need to complete your page manually. All the necessary details get imported from the social networking platform. The service additionally does not post anything on social media. So, your friends will never know that you are using a gay dating platform.

Fee-Based Services

Below are the premium features and their benefits.

  • Many friends: As a paying user, you will have access to so many people.
  • Unlimited blocking: You can block as many people as you want. So, suppose you suspect that someone has bad intentions. You can prevent them from contacting you, thus allowing you to keep using the site peacefully.
  • No ads: Advertisements on the Adam4adam site are always noisy and annoying. With a premium account, you will no longer have to see them.
  • Priority account: Premium subscribers get approved faster than free users. A paying individual will be able to start using the site more quickly once register.
  • Advertising: Adam4adam allows VIP clients to advertise their services.
  • Saved chats: You can keep up to 200 conversations.
  • Browsing discreetly: Premium members can browse the site without getting noticed.


The charges for the Adam4adam service are below.

  • VIP account: It costs 6.67 dollars per month.
  • Pro account: It costs 20 dollars per month.

The payment gets made using a credit card.

Key Features of the Adam4adam Website

The Adam4adam dating platform boasts a variety of outstanding functions that suit its aim. See more info below.

a) Live Camera

The site features live recordings, which users watch or hit to have video chats. The only thing you need to do to access the live shows is to open another account. Also, you must pay some money for this opportunity.

b) Sex Shop

Adam4adam has an online shop. You can purchase sex toys and anything else related to dating.

c) Movies

Users get access to porn films on Adam4adam’s television:

  • Pay-per-minute: Here, one must buy time tokens. As a film gets played, time is deducted from an account.
  • Rentals: People rent films for two days. So, you can watch as often as you wish.
  • Downloads: With this option, members have films for one week, 30 days, or even forever. The service also costs some money.

d) Underwear Club

Adam4adam boasts an Underpants section, which is fun. What happens here is that the website sends underwear each month, beginning from ten dollars for the initial month. There are several underwear types, and users get one that fits them perfectly.

e) Planning Trips

Adam4adam’s visitors may inform various people where they plan to travel next. With this feature, it is easy to share an itinerary and arrange hookups.

f) Party Ad

The Adam4adam site has a section where people arrange parties and gatherings. The service is open and unpaid. You may utilize this section to announce small events. The announcements get shown 30 days before the party, and they get removed 48 hours later.

g) Health Resources

Adam4adam has a list of health experts that use the service. One may ask questions regarding sexually transmitted diseases, hospitals, and testing places. There are helplines as well.

Safety & Security

The Adam4adam site approves all new profiles, but its safety is not guaranteed. In 2006, it emerged that the service was getting used in luring gay people in some places in the United States.

More than fifteen years ago, the Adam4adam accounts were getting used in outing individuals who work in the military. The issue was a concern since real accounts got used as proof in all the cases that got filed.

However, besides those drawbacks, Adam4adam does everything possible to eliminate fake visitors. The site tries to accomplish that by ensuring that email addresses get verified before the owners start using its features.

Data is not safe on the Web in general, but the team does its best to protect users’ information.

Safety Guidelines

Adam4adam’s team encourages users not to ignore online threats and familiarize themselves with the best preventive measures. Some of the safety tips include:

  • Users should avoid revealing their real names.
  • You should never send money to people you meet online.
  • You must never give your location or contact number to strangers.
  • If you want to pay for the service, avoid using public Wi-Fi.
  • Your credit card information should remain private.

The Adam4adam website also advises users to report all suspicious activities they encounter. Any rule-breaker will be banned from the platform.

Is Adam4adam Legit or Just a Scam?

The gay dating service is legit. It has been operating for several years now, and most people have beautiful things to say about it. According to former members, Adam4adam is the best service to interact with gay men.

It is possible to encounter scammers on the Adam4adam platform. Users must be careful about the people they meet. Avoid sharing personal details with others, because you do not know what their intentions are. That is the only way you can remain safe on the site.


Below, see what Adam4adam’s users can say about the service.

First Testimonial

A user revealed that the best thing he liked about the website was creating a visitor profile anytime he traveled to a new place. All other dating platforms ask users to open a new account and pay to access that service. The Adam4adam app was convenient for the user whenever he met people from other nations. He also added that the platform was fun since whenever he got bored with chatting, there were live records to watch.

Second Testimonial

The second user did not have a good experience on the Adam4adam website. To begin with, upon registering, he could not upload photos, even after ensuring they met all the specified requirements. When this person later started using the service, everything was the opposite of his expectation again. All the people he contacted were fake. He also came across lots of nudity. The user also had complimentary tokens, which he earned upon registering. He never got a chance to utilize the free money because the Adam4adam site proved to be unworthy. He could not keep on wasting his time on the site. So, he decided to try other dating apps.

Third Testimonial

According to the third user, the Adam4adam service is fake. The site displays photos of models who do not exist. Once he registered at the site, the people he tried chatting with asked for his real name and other personal details. The people were also quick to ask him to take the conversation outside the site so that they can know each other better. They even claimed to have fallen in love with him, yet they had not chatted for long. The user suspects that fraudsters are running several accounts on the website. The member got frustrated, not because of the fake users but also because no matter how many times he contacted the customer support team, he never got assisted. He even got feedback from the support representatives that the fake accounts had gotten suspended. However, when he revisited the site, they were still active and kept disturbing him. He concluded that the Adam4adam website is after many users. It does not matter whether they are real or not. So, it is not ideal for those interested in meeting gay men.

Fourth Testimonial

The fourth user had beautiful things to say about Adam4adam. The fact that it has strict photo standards makes it look like a genuine dating service. The profiles are also detailed enough. You can know who a person is through reading their profile details. Also, most of Adam4adam’s features are free, making it a good option for gay men. There is so much you can do on the website without spending money. The user also added that the site was not complicated. Even people who are new to online dating will know what to do without any assistance.

Fifth Testimonial

The fifth user who shared his experience on the Adam4adam site also has something to say. The app has issues. Whenever he tries loading it, it disappears, leaving a black screen. Then, it went back to normal after around 24 hours. He said that he encountered that three times.

The second thing he talked about was fake users. He often got hit up by sexy models who claimed to reside in Afghanistan, where they work in the military. The models wanted his phone number. They also claimed that they loved him and wanted to have a serious relationship with him.

The third issue was the ads. They not only disrupted him when he was chatting with others, but they were noisy. He said that they were so annoying. The Adam4adam site must do something about them.

Contact Information

You can contact Adam4adam at [email protected].

The company location is 1800-500 place d’Armes, Montréal (Québec), H2Y2W2, Canada.


Adam4adam is for gay people interested in casual relationships. You can also use it to find a serious marriage partner, but that is rarely possible. The features and general design encourage casual affairs. So, people who are not after serious commitments will find it useful. There are many functions to enjoy and events to take part in, especially when you have a premium account. For instance, there are live webcams, sex toys shops, underwear clubs, and more. Join the Adam4adam dating website today to meet like-minded individuals.

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