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Caffmos Overview

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  • The registration process is free of charge.
  • There are different age categories (all above 18 years old).
  • The community of people is active and open-minded.
  • The size of this gay community is impressive.
  • The chances to meet a partner for love relationships are high.
  • The user-interface needs some updates.
  • The registration process is lengthy.
  • You have to fulfill several forms, which are compulsory.
  • Facebook login is not available.
  • The site does not have any users' verification.
  • There are a certain number of abusive members.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Caffmosis a well-known dating platform that caters to gay people. It is the best and the safest community to find a caring gay partner and create a strong union. The site was created in 1998. During the years of its existence, the site has gained an excellent reputation among men with a non-traditional sexual reputation. Thousands of new members join the community every day. The site is proud to cater to an international audience. It’s hard to believe that such a concentration of gays can be in one place. You should visit the site if you are looking for a serious partner for love relationships. The site caters to long-term relations only. So, if you want to find a hookup, you need to look for other dating services. The community welcomes gay people from all around the world. You will meet the members of all the countries.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

Registration is an essential step on any online dating platform. It is not difficult to understand how things are going here. As a potential new client, you have to visit the official Caffmos website and start the registration process. Press the “Join Now” button. You’ll find the login button in the right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can find the button on the navigation bar. It is important to fulfill the details. In fact, you have to provide two details: your nickname and your country of residency. The site checks whether your country is real by checking your IP address. That is why you must compose a nickname (make it sound flirty and creative), and the second is your country of residency. The provider warns all new members that your mentioned country of residency has to match the IP address you are using.

It’d be best if you did not even try to fake your real location. By doing this, you risk getting your account suspended. If you do the same attempt several times, the site can block our IP address. So, if you want to use Caffmos, you have to be ready to provide valid information. Do not forget to check the box stating that you’ve read all the site’s terms and conditions. Finally, press the “Continue” button.

Profile Interface

Profile Interface

After opening a new account and pressing the “Continue” button, the site redirects you to a new web page. You have to provide additional information and fill a couple of empty fields. It is the place where every new user has to set up his or her profile for dating needs. Caffmos makes it mandatory to complete a profile for every new member. You can’t skip this step like it is possible to do on some dating apps. It’d be best if you could stop worrying about this step because it is not complicated or time-consuming. Several free minutes are enough to make an eye-catching profile, which will attract many handsome gay men. Caffmos focuses on your appearance. That is why you have to provide the details of your body constitution, such as your hair type, height, weight, the color of the eyes, etc. There are fields for your email and password. If you make your profile complete, you have the right to participate in the competition between members within the community and win the Bronze” member title.


Caffmos offers a basic search too. You should not compare the search tool here with other modern dating apps if you do not want to get disappointed. The good thing is that Caffmos offers various search filters. You can see the list of online people and start live communication with them. The matchmaking mechanism at Caffmos is unique. If you look at the user interface, it looks like a photo gallery. The provider recommends you to use the search bar and find a perfect date. You can mention his traits of character, age, and body characteristics. As soon as you find an eye-catching profile, you should press on it and read the details. You have the opportunity to rate profiles of other members. Make sure you have upgraded your membership to start messaging directly.

Members Structure And Activities

Members Structure And Activities

Caffmos has been an active and well-known site since 1998. It caters to a specific target audience only. The dating platform is straightforward with its principles of providing high-quality dating services for gay men. You can access the Caffmos site from many different countries. The biggest concentration of registered members come from the United States of America and Canada. Other countries appear too, but rarely.

Users Age

The majority of registered men are in their 40s. However, you can meet people of all age categories here. The most important is you have to be 18 years old to join the club of handsome men of non-traditional sexual orientation.

Sexual Preferences

The Caffmos website does not ask its new members about their gender during the registration process. It is a well-known fact that the dating platform, like Caffmos, is open for gays. It is also the main reason why the site does not ask the details about your sexual criteria.

Race And Ethnicity

Caffmos welcomes men of all races. You can mention this detail in your profile, but it is not obligatory. You have to be a friendly and interesting personality, which is more than enough to find a love partner for serious relationships.

Religious Orientation

Caffmos does not ask about your religious beliefs. If you feel, you can speak about religion or spirituality with your new dates in private conversations or during live meetings.

Caffmos Dating Website Features

Caffmos Dating Website Features

Profile Rating: most of the profiles look simple and describe the physical characteristics of their owners. In fact, you will not find something interesting to read, only dry facts about a person you like. That is why you can rate other profiles hoping that this person will do the same in return.

Online Chatting: the site offers a basic search bar with numerous filters. It is allowed to filter online members who are ready to communicate with you on the platform. It is better to interact in real-time to know a person you like better.

Text/Audio/Video Chatting: this great gay community makes it enjoyable to communicate with other members. The site offers many different means of getting in touch. In the beginning, you can use a simple text messenger and move on to a live video conference, which will bring your relationships to a higher level.

Photo Galleries: every member shares his best photos to attract maximum attention. Note that the photo content is of good quality and open to everybody free of charge. However, you should not expect to see only male models here. It is a popular dating site, which deals with ordinary people.

Chatrooms: you can easily find your soulmate on one of the numerous chatrooms on the Caffmos platform. This way is more efficient than writing a plain text letter and waiting for a reply. It would be best if you used chatrooms as a place to meet online members and have fun.

Travel Buddies: if you plan a trip, you can use this feature to find a companion. It is an excellent opportunity to find a like-minded person and share beautiful moments together. It is the right place to find gay friends who have a passion for traveling as much as you do.

Events: the site organizes fun and entertaining events in Canada and the USA. You can participate all together in Gay Pride Parades.

Safety & Security

Caffmos is a safe online dating platform, which caters to gays. Just check the duration of the site’s existence, and you will have no doubts about the legacy of the site. The majority of people are friendly people willing to communicate with you. However, it is not rare that you meet a gay with abusive or rude behavior. You should be careful while using the dating platform and report suspicious people to the admin immediately.

Is CaffmosLegit or Scam Service?

Caffmos is a legit dating service. The company has a Customer Support department. The team of professionals can help you solve technical or security issues. You can get in contact with the admin via the phone or emails. Note that the customer support team deals only with registered members. The responsive time is not long.

Subscription Types And Price

Subscription Types And Price

The Caffmos dating community states that it is a free platform for gay dating. It is true but partially. It is a good marketing technique all dating platforms use to advertise their services and attract new clients. In the case of Caffmos, its premium features are not that expensive. You can order a premium subscription plan with your credit/debit card.

  • Two Months Membership costs 15 USD.
  • One Year Membership costs 50 USD.


  1. You can register a new Caffmos account.
  2. Open a new profile and start viewing profiles of other people.
  3. You can rate the profiles of other members.
  4. The messaging feature is limited.
  5. You can read the messages which people leave on the chatrooms.


  1. You get full access to the messenger.
  2. You can make audio/video calls to any member.
  3. You get full access to the entertaining chatrooms.
  4. When there is an upcoming event, the site sends you a notification.

Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

Let’s take a look at the Caffmos web design. In fact, the design is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a dating platform. It is true that the performance impacts the first impression and dating experience in general. The provider takes into consideration that you have to spend a lot of time in front of the screen, so the team of professional web designers succeeded in offering you an excellent design that motivated you to date and look for real love.

Caffmos looks a bit old-fashioned if you compare it with modern dating apps and sites. However, if you don’t pay enough attention to web design, you will not find any downsides to the performance and usability. Performance is at a high level.

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, Caffmos does not offer a mobile application. It is the main downside of the platform, which makes dating on the go impossible. However, the site is perfectly optimized for mobile browsing directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: Caffmos Community

Address: United Kingdom, Aizlewood’s Mill Nursery St, Chapletown, South Yorkshire, S3 8GG.

Phone: N/A

Email: N/A



The impression of the Caffmos community is positive. It is a reliable and popular dating platform for gay men. You will meet men of different age categories. You have to be ready for long-term relationships before you join the site. The majority of members are mature and emotionally ready for sincere love feelings. However, it is not rare to find sincere and open-minded gay friends. The dating site looks a bit old-fashioned, but comes with plenty of excellent features. Its high functionality and intuitive navigation make the dating platform unique. You will have a better experience using this platform if you purchase a premium subscription plan . Unfortunately, standard dating accounts are pretty limited with features. The positive news is that the pricing policy for premium memberships is not expensive! GiveCaffmosa tryrightnow!

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