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  • Members are accessible to get on the service globally
  • The whole registration process takes 1-2 minutes, including no complicated steps
  • Diverse options are available to fulfill various goals members get an account for
  • Numerous communication features are available to help a user starting a contact
  • Such service implies no restrictions for content: view the hottest photos and videos
  • Profiles are quite detailed, granting a member to kindle other users’ interests
  • The most exciting and useful features are paid
  • Such a service is understood as highly-priced
  • No mobile applications are available for members
  • Scammers and catfishes frequently join the service

The Get It On community considers this service among the top-rated aimed for casual hookups.

How does it work?

Get It On was launched in 1999; therefore, such a platform is considered among the first platforms that help people find a perfect match for a casual hookup. Persons seeking long-term relationships are welcomed as well, but there are few chances to meet like-minded people. This platform is all about experiments, spicy hot meetings, and fun.

Get an account on this service to open a door into a new world, rich in the hottest, uninhibited persons ready to share sexual interests and experiments together. Select the preferred filters and start browsing the website, or experience other features like live shows. The platform catches your attention at first sight.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

The Get It On service provides a visitor with an account after the following steps:

  1. Enter the platform’s official website.
  2. Click on the ‘Join Now’ button.
  3. Fill in your profile, giving the following info: gender (couple), sexual preferences (men, women, couples), sexual interests (physical or virtual encounters), relationship status, country, location, date of birth.

Furthermore, describe your sexual appetite, give an email address, and inscribe username.

Some fields are optional; therefore, members decide on their own whether to provide others with some info or not.

The service sends a confirmation link to an indicated mail address. Follow the link to undergo your account verification. Such a step is necessary to prove you are a real person; meanwhile, this measure is not effective against scammers and catfishes.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The Get It On platform is equally suitable for both introverts and extroverts. There are eight sections to fill in. No required fields are attached. Members are free to tell other members about themselves or keep something secret.

  1. Basic information. The headline, gender, and sexual interests are about to be given within the registration process, but a member is accessible to edit those fields as well. Moreover, add your introduction text and pick out the characteristics you are seeking in your perfect match. While having no time for responding to all emails, type your automatic reply in an appropriate field.
  2. Geographical location. Subscribers are available to select their hometown, residing, and travel location. Meet people globally to have fun together.
  3. Physical information. Specify your height, figure type, hair color and length, eye color, eyewear (if there is some), ethnicity, endowment, or breast characteristics.
  4. Lifestyle information. Say your sexual orientation, marital status, children, education and occupation, attitude towards drinking and smoking habits, drugs, gambling, religious orientation, and spoken languages.
  5. Sexual preferences. Don’t be shy. Let your hidden sexual desires to break free. Tell others which sexual experiments you are interested in.
  6. Cupid Preferences. Select the preferred match filters among basic and advanced ones.
  7. Photos. Upload your hottest photos displayed for premium members only.
  8. Videos. Add videos to increase your profile’s attractiveness.

When a member fills in all sections, a profile becomes some kind of a bio. Let other subscribers know yourself from different sides.

Profile Interface


The service empowers a user with a large number of communicative features. Foremost, you need to activate search filters, making a choice more precise. The following features are accessible:

  • online members;
  • newly registered subscribers;
  • users located nearby;
  • representatives of the chosen age group.

Aside from the basic ones, advanced filters are accessible as well. Choose preferred ethnicities, figure types, sexual orientations, and marital status. Click on ‘Update’ to start your search.

As referred to the communicating features, there are diverse options to catch someone’s attention. The statistics show an average user spends at least 20 minutes on the Get It On website, browsing more than 18 pages.


Members structure and activities

The Get It On community comprises more than 10 million members globally. The average number of online users is 15 000; therefore, a person has the perfect chance to find a special someone ready to share your interests and sexual experiments, starting a new spicy page. Users are free to meet someone for a one-night stand in a residing city or choose a person in a city you are going to travel to. The platform fans the spark of passion in subscribers’ hearts.

Users age

Persons under 18 get no access to the platform. Theoretically, they are able to open an account, giving the wrong date of birth, but when the Get It On team detects such a fact, profiles are about to be suspended. This restriction is based on the current legislature, and the platform meets all regulations.

Male profiles outnumber the service. 70% of registered accounts are owned by men. There is a significant difference between male and female representatives from the viewpoint of age differentiation. Women are distributed almost evenly among different age groups:

  • under 25 years: 24.1%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 31.2%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 22.8%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 15.2%;
  • 55+ years: 6.7%.

The age distribution stats of male accounts show more mature members join the service. Men represent the following age groups:

  • under 25 years: 14.2%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 17.1%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 25.7%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 28.5%;
  • 55+ years: 14.5%.
Users age

Sexual preferences

The Get It On website is all about sexual preferences. The platform introduces multiple features to help a person finding someone truly special ready to share the most hidden desires. No limitations are referring to sexual orientation. While getting an account, members specify their gender and orientation, selecting whom they are looking for. Both individuals and couples are welcome to the service. The sexual orientation field is accessible within profile settings.

Aside from sexual orientation, subscribers are free to tell other members about their sexual dreams: cybersex, toys, dominance, etc. The system suggests you like-minded persons, to make your meeting or communication full of mutual passion.

Race and Ethnicity

Representatives of all races and nationalities are welcome to open an account. The statistics show that more than half of community members represent the USA (62.33%). As referred to other countries represented by the largest number of subscribers, the following ones are picked out: Taiwan (5.38%), the UK (3.06%), Canada (2.44%), and India (2.24%). Users are available to select their ethnicity in a Get It On profile. Furthermore, both standard and premium users may choose preferred ethnicities among match filters.

Religious Orientation

The platform is not correlated with any faiths, but members can specify their religious orientation in profile settings.

Get It On dating website features

The number of functions offered by the platform impresses a user. The following ways are accessible to kindle a member’s interest:

  • Add the sexiest users to your list of friends, getting quick access to a member’s profile and hottest photos.
  • Sent a flirt request to show a person you expect to initiate contact, being highly interested in them.
  • Add a person to the hotlist aimed for the hot stuff only.
  • Become a top fan of a special someone.
  • Select favorite photos and videos among those published by members.
  • Comment on other subscribers’ profiles.

As referred to communication features, text messages, and video calls are accessible. Video calls are perfect for those who adore cybersex. Furthermore, members are available to follow the live model chats, enjoying gorgeous cuties.

The Messaging option is connected with gifts – members are accessible to attach flowers and other pleasant things, refilling your message with emotions and feelings. Such a step enlarges your chances. Note that gifts and flowers are paid for. Users need to refill their account foremost.

Get It On dating website features

Safety & Security

The Get It On website ensures a user that all information is collected for providing the best matches. The system excludes the possibility of personal info transmitting to third parties. A person’s security and anonymity are among the key goals the team takes into account; therefore, your screen name is entirely enough to start seeking your perfect match.

The system displays no contact information, including email. Members are not allowed to publish their contacts within profile information – such a protecting measure helps prevent disputable situations.

Subscribers are free to select their profile availability. Make your profile visible to other users or temporarily unavailable. When your expectations are not met, the deleting feature is accessible. Note that any account renewal possibility is attached.

Is Get It On legit or scam service?

Scammers and catfishes join the platform frequently, but such a tendency is considered normal for all adult-oriented dating services. On the other hand, the platform team has taken measures to deprive scammers of the opportunity to contact other members.

Communication options and full-size photos are accessible for premium subscribers only; therefore, standard users (including scammers) have to prefer other dating platforms. When the team detects website rules violations (money soliciting, offensive content, etc.), a person’s profile is suspended.

In case you have no will to communicate with a member for your personal reasons, block a user. Such an option requires no explanations. Meanwhile, the ‘Report Abuse’ feature informs the team about suspicious profiles, specifying the reason.

Is Get It On legit or scam service?

Subscription types and price

Paid features make the Get It On website genuinely useful for a member; therefore, most subscribers prefer to upgrade their accounts to premium. Aside from the premium membership, there are points, unblocking some exclusive features.

There are three gold packages suggested by the team: for 1, 3, and 12 months. As referred to points, those are accessible separately. Members are welcome to purchase both the premium membership and add-ons. The following packages are available:

Premium membership plan/Credits package

Premium membership plan/Credits package Price for 1 month/of one credit Total price
1-month gold membership $29.95 $29.95
3-months gold membership $19.93 $59.80
12-months gold membership $14.92 $179.10
200 points $0.015 $3
500 points $0.012 $6
1000 points $0.01 $10

Among the payment options, credit cards, electronic checks, and money orders are available. Enter your payment information and confirm the purchase. The service provides a user with maximal comfort; therefore, an auto-renewal of the premium subscription is implied. While wishing to cease becoming a premium member, cancel this feature in account settings.

Free membership

Standard members are accessible for the following options:

  • completing a profile;
  • uploading the hottest photos and videos;
  • activating basic and advanced filters;
  • viewing full profile information of a person who evokes your interest;
  • blocking and reporting a user;
  • view who’s viewed or hotlisted your profile;
  • following models’ live shows;
  • contacting the customer support.

Thus, a default account empowers a member with no communication features. The premium membership or points make the Get It On platform useful, meeting different goals and interests.

Free membership

The premium membership unblocks access to the following features:

  • sending flirt requests;
  • sending friend requests;
  • adding a person to your hotlist;
  • commenting on a profile;
  • sending and receiving messages;
  • viewing members’ photos and videos.

As referred to credits, the following features are available for a certain amount of points:

  • Become someone’s top fan (50 points).
  • Attach flowers and virtual gifts to your messages (50 to 100 000 points, depending on which item is chosen).
  • Tip a member to be noticed immediately (the number of points is determined on your own).
  • Join a model’s fan club.
  • Get access to a private chat with a model.

Members are able to purchase the premium subscription for somebody else. Such a gesture is about to conquer a person’s heart undoubtedly. Conditions are all on the same.

Website design and usability

The Get It On website is straightforward in use. Members are free to access any features at their fingertips. As referred to the design, some members consider it a little old-fashioned, but colors are mixed in harmony. The chosen color scheme evokes no irritation, relaxing a user. The hottest and sexiest photos grab a member’s attention from the first seconds. Thus, such a website is attractive enough. Default settings make English the interface language, but a user is empowered with the right to switch language to the preferred one.

While speaking about functionality, there is an upper menu, offering a user four icons and three inserts:

  • Home icon. Go back to your homepage, edit your profile, upload or delete photos, etc.
  • Messaging icon. Get quick access to your messaging history.
  • Friends icon. Get quick access to your list of friends.
  • Flirt icon. View who’s sent you a flirt request.
  • My Stuff. The insert contains many options, including your account settings, match filters, and communication features.
  • Search. Start looking for your perfect match.
  • Live Action. Follow live shows broadcasted by cute hot models.

Mobile application

Get It On has launched no mobile application because both Google Play and App Store forbid nudity. Thus, on-the-go members are accessible to get on the website adapted for mobile devices. Note that links to mobile applications published on the website, provide a member with access to partner services. The same refers to social networks – no official pages. The service website contains all the necessary information.

Contact information

The Get It On team is ready to solve any problems within the shortest terms; therefore, a member may apply to the customer support around the clock. Click on the ‘Help/Customer support’ placed in the upper right-hand corner. The insert contains frequently asked questions categorized by topics. Find the one you are interested in. When you have found no answers, press on ‘How do I contact your Customer Service Department?’ and ask your question through the feedback form.

Furthermore, members are free to call the team: 408-702-1033. The platform offices are located in the following countries (addresses are placed in the website footer):

  • USA (headquarters): Campbell, CA;
  • United Kingdom: Colchester Essex;
  • Australia: Redland Bay, Queensland;
  • Singapore: Hong Lim Complex Singapore.


Get It On is a website where men, women, or couples reload their sexual life, achieve their hidden desires, and try something new to make their sexual life spicier. No limitations towards content and filters attached.

As referred to the website functionality, the number of features astonishes. Members can add other users to friends, hotlists, etc. Flirt requests are available as well. Virtual gifts and flowers may accompany messages, but most features are paid; therefore, standard accounts make the platform useless. Live shows or cybersex is a perfect way to enjoy the service distantly.

The system maintains users’ anonymity, requires no real name, and displaying no contacts. Some accounts are fake ones, but scammers cannot communicate with members without a premium subscription. The prices are quite high. Still, the Get It On service is understood among the hottest dating platforms.

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