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Indonesian Cupid Overview

Indonesian Cupid
Indonesian Cupid
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Indonesian Cupid
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  • The free and fast registration process on Indonesian Cupid
  • Uncomplicated and easy to use user interface
  • Impressive rate of online activity
  • Balanced age distribution
  • Informative user profiles
  • Strict site moderation
  • Photo id verification for users
  • Android app available on Google Play
  • Facebook login available for faster registration
  • No mobile app for iOS users on Apple's app store
  • Gender imbalance, too few women compared to men
  • Limited communication channels available
  • Messaging is a premium service
  • Reading messages is free

About Indonesian Cupid

The Cupid in the name itself indicates who the makers of the dating site would be. However, Cupid Media is the name behind the dating platform in concern for the people who are new to online dating sites. While the makers’ names are enough to understand what to expect from the Indonesian Cupid, the newbies still need to know what all the fuss is about. The media house specializes in creating niche dating websites, just like this one. The platforms are designed well and kept simple for a better user experience across all ages and ethnicities. It gives Western men a platform to meet women from a particular ethnicity or country, which in this case, is Indonesia.

And although the name suggests that the dating platform is for Indonesian audiences only, it is not. Anyone from any ethnicity can join Indonesian Cupid to find a date from the Indonesian background. The Indonesian crowd registered on the dating platform is quite open to dating people irrespective of their ethnicity. And while most people join the platform with serious intentions of building a long-term relationship or marriage, few look for temporary partners.

About Indonesian Cupid

Steps to register on the Dating Platform

Indonesian Cupid makes registration compulsory for all its users. Like all other popular dating sites, no one can enter Indonesian Cupid just like that because of the potential sensitive content on the site. And thus, it offers the compulsory registration process in two different ways. While one is the old-fashioned way, the other one is the social login. Although both ways are easy, quick, and free, the Facebook login makes the process much faster and simpler. And contrary to popular belief, it is no different than using your email id for registration because there is no risk of Indonesian Cupid posting on your behalf on your profile.

However, if you don’t have a Facebook profile, you can use the manual way by filling up a minimal form that takes less than two minutes to complete using an email id. One must fill in empty fields like User Name, email, password, date of birth, gender, and sexual preference, and location before confirming to have read and followed the terms and conditions laid out by the Cupid Media team for all the users. Proceeding with this completes the registration process and finally allows you to enter the dating site and help you find a match.

Steps to register on the Dating Platform

Quality Of User Profiles

Indonesian Cupid Review offers space for creating detailed, informative, and exciting user profiles for its members. And while most of the site’s essential features are not available for free, the profile space is. The people who use the Facebook login for registration find the user profile photo already set, which is taken from their Facebook profile, although it can be changed. However, the other members who enter using the standard registration format are required to upload profile photos on their own.

Indonesian Cupid is pretty strict about following their terms, which is why you wouldn’t want to make your profile seem like a fake one. Updating the profile, although it isn’t compulsory and can be done anytime, is recommended not to be kept blank for a long time to avoid getting banned by the Indonesian Cupid team. One can even try for a verification badge to get more profile visibility and trust from other users, for which one needs to upload a government-approved photo id. As a user, you will find the quality of the profiles to be awe-inspiring, with hardly any existence of fake profiles. Thanks to the strict moderation done by the Indonesian Cupid team from time to time that bans any profile that seems suspicious to them.

Quality Of User Profiles

How To Connect With A Match?

The discover tab has a search bar that comes with many many filters. While many of the filters are kept exclusively for the premium members, there are quite a few interesting ones available to the free standard users of the Indonesian Cupid. Searching with filters gives you a list of results matching your requirements. Right next to the users’ photographs, you get two buttons, one of which allows you to show them interest. The other button takes you to their profile to browse through it and compare it with yours, all of which is free. However, it is the next step that requires a premium membership. Standard users cannot send messages to anyone on the dating site until a premium member sends them a message first. In simple words, free members can reply to premium members, but they can neither approach first nor talk to other free members. They were showing interesting kinds of works to get their attention as it’s free. There is not much that you get from the communication channels as well. There is only a simple messenger that one can use to send text messages to their match in real-time, but that’s about it. No exciting features like audio, video, attachment, or gifs to make the communication on the platform engaging.

How To Connect With A Match?

Member Distribution

Indonesian Cupid boasts of a vast audience base of over one million people. And while many dating sites claim to have a larger audience, not many of them can show even close to the amount of daily activity the Indonesian Cupid has. And although the name says it all, the dating site is one of the most popular in Indonesia. However, it gets the attention of many western countries, and people having a fetish for Indonesian women.

Age Distribution

The minimum age to be a part of the Indonesian Cupid is eighteen years, just like any other dating site. But the popular age group is not the younger ones on the website. It is the age group between twenty-five and forty that keeps the activity on the dating platform high. However, the Indonesian Cupid members show quite some variety in terms of age, which is why the site is gaining popularity across all age groups. Despite the popularity of a particular age group on the platform, the number of people in the age range does not disappoint.

Age Distribution

Sexual Orientation And Preferences

Indonesian Cupid is open and free about sexual orientation. Not only does it allow people with all sexual orientations on its platform, but it also allows them to customize their search results with search filters. Although heterosexuals are the ones dominating the website, homosexuals find a place on the dating website and have made a small community on their own.

Indonesian Cupid is the most popular dating platform in Indonesia. The name says it all for the audience to understand. However, there are other people from different ethnicities and races on the site as well. Although, less in number, the Indonesian people are very much cool to match with them and date people irrespective of their different backgrounds.

The Popular Ethnicity

Given the dating site’s popularity in Indonesia, the most popular religious practice seen on Indonesian Cupid is Islam. However, some people have been noted to be practicing other religions like Christianity, Buddhism, etc.

Exclusive Features On The Dating Platform

Although Cupid Media is known for making simple, straightforward dating platforms, not much makes the platform stand out. The websites like Indonesian Cupid merely serve to find a date and contact them to set up a date. However, it does have a few features that one should take notice of on the platform:

  • Tags

Tags or Cupid Tags are similar to the hashtags we use on various social media platforms to get more attention from people looking for similar interests or hobbies. One can use them to get more attention and make their profile look cool, and add a bit of creative touch to it.

  • Interest

Showing Interest is a button that works like ‘Like.’ When you hit it, the person on the other end gets notified about your interest and may start a conversation with you.

  • Profile Comparison

Comparison is a feature that comes automatically when a user visits a profile. Scrolling down shows the member’s profile right next to theirs, for you to compare matching interests. It gives the user topics to start a conversation and also to find whether the person they are interested in would be compatible with them or not.

Exclusive Features On The Dating Platform

How Safe Is The Dating Site?

Cupid Media maintains its image for creating safe dating sites, which is an excellent reason to trust the Indonesian Cupid. However, if you are new to the online dating industry, you must know a few things that the dating site does to keep its name in the trusted dating platforms. Apart from having an SSL certified website, Indonesian Cupid has an updated payment gateway that keeps your billing information safe and prevents you from the risks of cyber threats. And that is not all; the next section talks about the other measures the site takes to keep its users safe and protected and ensure the best user experience.

Is Indonesian Cupid A Legit dating Site?

The strict moderation on the dating website makes it clean from most scammers and cheating people. Also, complaints of suspicious behaviors on the platform are quickly resolved by taking action. And if that is not enough, Indonesian Cupid ensures end to end encrypted communication channels to protect privacy. The site also does not use any user information outside the platform. Not only does it not interfere with your Facebook account, despite extracting information for the registration process, but Indonesian Cupid also keeps updating its privacy policy to ensure maximum protection for each of its users.

Is Indonesian Cupid A Legit dating Site?

Premium Subscription Plans And Prices

Indonesian Cupid comes with two types of premium memberships, that is Platinum and Gold. Gold is the cheaper version, while Platinum gives you every exclusive feature available on the Indonesian Cupid. The plans are averagely priced and can be paid for using your Credit Cards and PayPal account.

Indonesian Cupid Premium Plan Prices
Platinum Membership Rates
Expiry Rates/Month Price
One Month 29.98 USD 29.98 USD
Three Months 20.00 USD 59.99 USD
Twelve Months 10.00 USD 119.98 USD
Gold Membership Rates
Expiry Rates/Month Price
One Month 24.98 USD 24.98 USD
Three Months 16.66 USD 49.99 USD
Twelve Months 8.33 USD 99.98 USD

Details Of The Standard Membership For Free

The free registration gives you a standard membership that, although it restricts the users from many exclusive features and services Indonesian Cupid offers, allows them to use a few things. For example, a standard user can set up a profile and fill it up entirely; profile browsing is free as well. While sending a message may come at a price, replying to messages is free, and showing interest can be done as well. Uploading photos do not require a premium membership, either. Although many of the search filters are locked away, there are a few available for free that help you find suitable matches on Indonesian Cupid.

Premium Membership That Comes At A Price

As mentioned above, the Premium Membership gives you full access to the dating platform. At the same time, you can purchase the membership for a minimum of one month at the lowest price of $24.98. However, depending on the type and length of the plan, the price can go as high as $119.98. Indonesian Cupid offers two types of memberships, and the only difference between the two apart from the visible price is the Instant Message Translator that helps in the communication process. Other than that, the Gold membership has everything that the Platinum has to offer, not the translator. And if you think that the message is the only service that one needs to pay for on the Indonesian Cupid, then you are wrong. Apart from the messenger, Premium Members get to enjoy the dating experience in an ad-free zone. They get an exclusive VIP badge that comes with higher visibility and the power to browse them on Indonesian Cupid anonymously.

Premium Membership That Comes At A Price

The Design And Experience On The Website

The design of the Indonesian Cupid is both its strong and weak points. The dating platform’s UI is inspired by the 2000s website, which is unlike most modern dating platforms. While the simple design gives it a better user experience for more number of people with different backgrounds, making it easy to understand, the younger audience finds it annoying. However, despite being boring, the site is easy to comprehend and uses simple language concentrating only on the service it is created for on the internet.

The Design And Experience On The Website

The Mobile Dating App

Indonesian Cupid has a mobile application for its users as well. However, the mobile app is only available on the Google Play Store for Android users. Although it can be downloaded for free from the app store, iOS users cannot use it. However, the absence of the app on Apple’s App Store shouldn’t be a reason to stop iOS users from using the dating site remotely, as the website is responsive. It means that the Indonesian Cupid website is designed to open on an iPhone or an iPad using a browser on their device.

On the other hand, the app features all services the website offers, and the design is also kept the same. However, photographs of the members are given more priority on the app than the website. All in all, the app’s performance makes it a good option for mobile users and does not give a reason for complaint.

The Mobile Dating App

Contact Information

Company Name: Cupid Media Pvt Ltd

Address: PO Box 9304 Gold Coast MC QLD 9726 Australia

Phone: 1-800-787-0838

Email: [email protected]


Indonesian Cupid is a dating platform that connects Indonesian singles with people across the world. One of the best dating sites for Indonesians, the website makes finding matches for dates, relationships, marriage, and even casual hookups look effortless and yet fun. With a fantastic activity rate, the dating platform is rather impressive when it comes to profile quality. Although one needs to pay for the best experience on the Indonesian Cupid, the simple design and active crowd make it one of the most trusted dating options.

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