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  • No time-passers on the platform. Since MatureQualitySingles specifically emphasizes providing dating solutions to mid-aged singles, most of the users on the platform come looking for partners with whom they can have a stable and long-term relationship.
  • Verified user profiles. The majority of the user profiles on the platform are verified and belong to genuine and serious singles trying to find a compatible partner for themselves.
  • Get daily match recommendations. The platform provides daily profile recommendations to its users based on the preferences they have provided to the website at the time of registration.
  • Anyone can join. MatureQualitySingles may have been designed and created to provide dating and relationship solutions to mid-aged singles, but anyone, regardless of age, can join this platform on the condition that they are at least 18 years old.
  • Outdated design and user interface. MatureQualitySingles is not that old, but the website's user interface and design layout seem outdated and old-fashioned. While young users may find it unattractive and unappealing, older users find it very handy to use due to its less sophisticated structure.
  • May take longer than other dating websites to find a partner. All the present-era online dating websites are very dynamic and move swiftly with a commitment to deliver instant dating solutions. But MatureQualitySingles works at a slower and steadier pace when it comes to finding an online match; this is because the website works very cautiously to deliver accurate matches.
  • Liars on the platform. The world is filled with cons, and some of them have got on MatureQualitySingles too. They create a fake profile with false information to steal from desperate middle-aged singles.

MatureQualitySingles singles have been designed around the specific relationship requirements of mid-aged mature singles, who are trying to find love at a later stage of their lives. Love is uncertain; it has its ways and can happen to anyone at any stage of their life. While some find their love of life at a very young age, some strive to find a compatible partner. Some like to rely on intuitive feelings, and some prefer to analyze all the things before committing to a relationship. If you belong to the later ones, then MatureQualitySingles may be the place where you can find a loving and like-minded partner.

The website focuses on delivering long-term and reliable relationship solutions to its users, rather than temporary hook-up sort of casual relationship solutions. Finding and meeting new people after turning 40 can be tough and challenging; you may start losing interest in things, and clouds of dismay may surround you. But don’t worry, MatureQualitySingles is there to find you a lucky-go-happy partner even at a later stage of your life.

The website was launched in the early 2010s, specifically to provide dating and relationship solutions to single men and women over the age of 40. With its compassionately designed services and features, the website has a lot to offer to middle-aged single men and women worldwide. Stick with this MatureQualitySingles review to know more about the platform, its users, and services.

MatureQualitySingles Review

How Does It Work?

MatureQualitySingles works perfectly around various devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The website uses basic matchmaking algorithms and relies on the information you provide to find a compatible partner. This website does not lag, and the pages load instantly regardless of your device. The admin team put in all efforts to keep the website free from malware and glitches.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up on the website is easy, and you can create an account on MatureQualitySingles within a few minutes. While signing up, you will have to answer a few questions related to your age, gender, ethnicity, along with providing an active e-mail address and password of your choice. The questions have multiple answers, and you can answer by clicking on the option that is closest to your experience. Remember to provide honest answers since the website derives your dating preferences based on these answers and provide you with daily recommendations. You will also have to upload a profile picture and provide a profile bio when creating a profile.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The user profiles on MatureQualitySingles are very descriptive and contain plenty of information about the members, including name, age, gender, sexual preference, occupation, relationship status, number of children, etc. Most user profiles are verified, which implies that the users on this website come looking for a serious and yielding relationship. Since the platform primarily provides its services to mid-aged single men and women, most user profiles belong to the well-established individuals of 40 years and above. However, some profiles belong to relatively young people who are interested in dating an older partner.


There are plenty of user-profiles on MatureQualitySingles that belong to mid-aged singles all around the world. You will receive profile recommendations matching your dating preferences daily from the website. You can also search for other users’ profiles using the search tool parameters such as age group, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and distance from your location.

MatureQualitySingles provides a lot of interactive features to its users to connect with other members. You can show your interest in other users by liking their profile pictures and posting comments on them. The users can also chat on the website without disclosing their real identities to each other.


Members Structure and Activities

Millions of mid-aged singles have joined MatureQualitySingles to find a suitable partner, and at any given moment, you can find thousands of users matching your dating preferences online. While most of the users on the website are from the USA, you can also find single men and women from the European Union, Asia, and Canada.

Users Age

Anyone over 18 years can register on MatureQualitySingles for free and create a profile on the website. But since the site provides its services mainly for middle-aged men and women, most of the users belong to the age group of 40 to 55 years. However, there are a few profiles of young singles also who are interested in dating an older individual.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

Your sexual orientation is not a barrier when it comes to joining the platform. MatureQualitySingles provides its services for gay, lesbian, and straight men and women, and anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, can join this website for free.

Race and Ethnicity

MatureQualitySingles is not a community-specific online dating website; rather, it is meant to enable mid-aged singles from different countries and cultures to find a compatible and trustworthy partner.

Race and Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

Anyone, regardless of their religion and ethnicity, can join MatureQualitySingles for free. However, most of the users on this website belong to the Caucasian Christian community.

MatureQualitySingles Dating Website Features

This platform consists of numerous functions and features specifically designed to be used by mid-aged users on the website. Following are some prominent and exclusive features of the site:

  1. Profiles are visible to all: Most online dating platforms do not allow users to see the profile pictures and profile details. But on MatureQualitySingles, everyone, regardless of the type of their membership, can access user profile pictures and profile details.
  2. View profile information: Both free and premium users can access the profile of other users and view the basic details and information.
  3. Send and receive messages: The website allows users to interact with other members on the platform by sending and receiving messages. However, this feature is available to premium members only.
  4. Post comments and like pictures: Free and premium users on the website can like the images and post the comments on the same. This feature is a perfect way for free users to convey their interest to a user.
  5. Use a masked e-mail address: MatureQualitySingles allows its premium members to use a masked e-mail address; a masked e-mail address keeps the identity of the users confidential.
  6. Daily shuffling: The website shuffles the profile recommendations for the users daily, and you get to come across various user profiles on a day to day basis.

MatureQualitySingles Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

MatureQualitySingles takes all the necessary measures to keep its users’ data safe and discreet. E-mail account verification is mandatory on the website, and a user cannot access its account without verifying it. It makes sure that there are no multiple profiles on the site with the same e-mail address; also, members taking out the time to verify their e-mail address implies that they are genuine users and not scammers. Also, users on the website can block and report suspicious and abusive member profiles. Apart from the above, the site uses the latest technologies and SSL servers to encrypt and safeguard the users’ data and identity.

Is MatureQualitySingles Legit or Scam Service?

Without a second thought, this platform is one hundred percent authentic, legitimate, and genuine online dating website for middle-aged mature single men and women.

Is MatureQualitySingles Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

MatureQualitySingles is free to join the platform, and anyone, regardless of their sexual preference or ethnic or religious background, can join this platform to find a mature mid-aged partner. The platform is best suited for single men and women to find a long-term relationship solution at a later stage. The website allows its users to access most of the features for free if cost. But if you are looking for some more specific services, then the third-party service providers may charge you extra for their services, and the rates may vary upon the nature of service you avail of.

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

Anyone can register on the platform free of cost, along with creating a user profile. Besides account and profile creation, you can also navigate the site and browse user profiles of other members for free of cost. Users can also view profile pictures and basic profile information without spending a single penny on the website. The free users get daily profile recommendations, and they also can add up to 26 pictures to their profiles. This platform also allows free members to add up to 26 images (aside from the profile picture). The best free membership feature that sets MatureQualitySingles apart from most dating websites is that it lets the free users view and like the pictures posted by other users and post comments on the photos.

Like any other online dating website, the premium users on this website also enjoy access to a broader range of features and options. You can send an unlimited message and resume your chats from where you last left them since the website saves the conversations of its users. Also, the premium MatureQualitySingles members can access the services provided by third parties to broaden the scope of finding a more compatible match.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

This website has been laid out in a simple and user-friendly layout, keeping in mind the less exposure of mid-aged people to the internet and technology. Also, MatureQualitySingles has optimized its web pages to work smoothly and efficiently on smartphones.

Mobile Application

This platform has not developed an app for Android or iOS devices as of now. Still, the web pages of the site are optimized to work smoothly across various smartphones and tablets.

Contact Information

  • Company: Conversion Squared Corporation
  • Address: Data Protection Officer, 15851 Dallas Parkway, Suite 600 Addison, TX 75001
  • Phone: N/A
  • E-mail: [email protected]


People in their 40s or above find it very troublesome and tiring to find a dating partner. They begin to feel lonely and outcast, and the severity of such feelings may lead an individual to frustration and depression. But don’t worry; MatureQualitySingles is there to rescue you and find you a compatible, compassionate, and like-minded partner to spend the rest of your life together. Various user testimonies and reviews point out that this platform has helped many single middle-aged men and women find partners. MatureQualitySingles is undoubtedly heaven for elder dating.

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