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The top black online dating platform for African American singles who are looking for dating.

SoulSingles Overview

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  • The SoulSingles dives into the international dating world of Black singles only;
  • It is an affordable and high-quality service;
  • Available in desktop and mobile versions depending on your device;
  • Focuses on relationships that last;
  • Focuses on relationships that last;
  • SoulSingles customer support service is always available;
  • Effective search tools;
  • Impressing membership pool consisting of mostly Black singles;
  • Being a premium member is a must to use communication features.

How does it work?

How does it work?

This service is operated by one of the online dating giants World Singles Network. The holding is a proud owner of numerous websites with specific audiences. It succeeded in creating the services that satisfy the needs of a smaller circle of users. Among the notable projects of the network are country-specific websites for dating. Although the HQ of the company is located in the USA, it is popular in other countries.

Numerous platforms unite black singles. SoulSingles is not an invention of the century. It has competitors but managed to stay afloat and on top for almost two decades. Black singles, and not only, have tested the website. People come to the platform to meet Black singles as well. The membership pool grew a lot and became very diverse over the years. It is hard to identify the leading countries on the site since plenty of people of various citizens and nationalities use it. As the statistics show, the majority come to the platform to meet their forever partners. Casual dating is a rare thing for the users of SoulSingles. According to feedback that users provide, it becomes clear that many couples managed to get married or become best friends after chatting on the site. Hence, the reputation it has is flawless.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

The signing up process starts on the homepage. You can see the form containing the basic questions about you (gender, age, location, preference, agree to terms of use). Joining the site is easy, and takes no more than ten minutes of your time. As on many other platforms, you need some contact details. In this case, Facebook or email will work. If you decide to go for the email registration, check if you have valid details and access it. Later, you will need it for notifications.One of the most important is the receipt of purchasing the membership.

You will need to set up the password for the profile. Make sure that it is a secure one, and you keep it secret. It is also a good idea to change your password from time to time as a counter hacker measure. SoulSingles is not a notorious platform, but online communication always has a certain degree of risk.

Profile interface

Profile interface

Your profile on any dating site matters. It has a great influence on your dating success. If you leave the profile disordered, empty, and boring, not many people will pay attention to it, and moderators might think it is not real. That’s why setting up your SoulSingles profile, do your best to describe your great sides. The website encourages its subscribers to complete their profiles. According to the policies, you will not see other profiles if yours is empty. It works well and approves the pool of profiles that the site has.

The overall profile layout is standard. It has a photo that can be zoomed in. It has a standard set of sections with key information about the person. There is nothing special about the profiles, and to find out more about a person, you need to start a conversation. The profile does not have a video upload section.



For sure, the subscription you have on SoulSingles changes your capabilities. If you are enjoying the free version, there will have limited options. For example, you can only talk to new members and those who are online.

The best way to find your perfect match is to look for it by yourself. Take your destiny in control and look for the male/female of your dreams. In this case, search tools will be beneficial since they will do all the work for you.

Members structure and activities

SoulSingles is a service for Black people and their admirers. People come from various places around the world to find their love. Around two million people are registered with the site, and about 25 000 are active monthly. About 50 000 come from Australia. The country of origin of the site in the USA.

Users age

People of 25 – 35 y.o. represent the most popular age category on the platform. To join SoulSingles, the user has to be 18 y.o. It is a diverse community, and any age category is accepted. The second large category includes people of 35 -45 y.o.

Sexual preferences

The stats show that there are more males on the site than females. The gender preferences given in the form are male and female, so you can only select a homosexual or heterosexual relationship.

Race And Ethnicity

It is a website targeted at Black audiences from around the globe. Besides, people who are looking for Black singles join the site as well. You can found here people from Australia, Germany, Nigeria, Togo, the UK, the USA, and France.

Religious Orientation

Not many users indicate their religious views, and the site does not force you to. In case you want to put it into your biography, you are welcome to add it to the ‘About me’ section.

SoulSingles dating website features

SoulSingles dating website features
  • ‘Slideshow’ is a SoulSingles equivalent of swiping a Tinder function. It presents you with a summary of the user profile and contains a photo, age, and gender. You are to decide if it is a ‘like’ or a ‘pass.’
  • ‘Hide your status’ is an option for users who do not want others to see them online. Hide your current status, and fewer users will be contacting you, and free account users won’t be able to see your profile.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Talking about the safety of online communication is important, regardless of the resource you are using. Whether you are buying a bag online or paying for the subscription, always remember to check the latest price list, rules of transferring the money, and keep your payment details private. SoulSingles have all the payment processes automated. The moderator would not send you any payment details in private messages or email. All the payments are done through the website and are secure. Users cannot exchange their payment details in private messages or other platforms. As long as you follow simple rules of online communication, you are on the safe side.

Is SoulSingles legit or scam service?

SoulSingles is a legitimate service that has been bringing people together and helping them establish strong relationships for about two decades. You are safe when you register with the site. The desktop version, as well as the app, are safe and protected from scammers. The SoulSingles website is an SSL certificate protected, and the best online stores accredit the app. The bugs are fixed regularly, and all the user complaints are taken into consideration.

Subscription types and price

SoulSingles offers a free and Platinum subscription package. If you want to have access to more features, Platinum is your perfect package. The price depends on the duration of your subscription. You can opt for one, three, or six months packages. The first one costs $12.99. To be a three month Platinum member, you pay $32.97, and for the six months – $47.94. The prices are average. A bonus is that the website entertains a variety of payment options. They include credit cards, PayPal, and others, depending on the country you are from. There are no hidden costs for transferring money. Note that prices are provided in dollars, so your card will be charged in dollars, and the conversion is possible. To find out more about the payment costs, contact your banking institution.

Free membership

With the free SoulSingles membership, a user obtains the following services:

  • Setting up a profile and browsing other profiles;
  • Limited chats;
  • Sending likes to other users;
  • Use a basic set of search filters.

Paying for membership with SoulSingles is never a waste. It is a great opportunity to see how many people are into your profile and get a chance to talk to people without restrictions. You get unlimited chats with all types of users and also get rid of the annoying advertisements. Last but not least, your search set expands. There is a possibility to put more filters looking for a perfect candidate.

Website design and usability

Website design and usability

The desktop version of SoulSIngles is designed in a modern style. It has visuals and rolls out menus. The photo in the background shows a happy couple. The homepage is not cramped with irrelevant information. Instead, it has a lot of useful things. It starts with the registration form and login options. If you scroll down, you can find the information windows on the security of online dating and the website’s policies. Note that when you register with the site, you automatically agree to follow the terms of use. It is recommended to read them before you click the ‘Agree’ button.

You can find the real stories of the users who found their love on the site at the bottom of the page. They provide real feedback and give tips on what to expect from the service. Not a less important section is the FAQ. it contains the answers to most questions that come to your mind.

Mobile application

Mobile application

SoulSingles was developed in a desktop version initially, and the app was added later on. Nevertheless, not only the users of iOS have a mobile version of the site. Currently, the app is also available to the users of Android. The mobile version can be accessed from any device. Both versions of the service are simple in navigation. They are also free of charge for downloading. SoulSingles app and desktop contain advertising. Getting rid of ads is possible with the paid membership. It is worth considering the membership, at least for that.

There is no difference in the design of the app and website. However, the stats show that users prefer to access it via the app. It can be connected to the fact that people have intense working schedules and are always on the move. The website is not a very convenient option for someone who is always on the go.

Contact information

 Contact information

World Singles Network

[email protected]

+1 (949) 743-2535



If you decide that it is high time to find a partner, and your dream partner is Black, then you need to visit SoulSingles. The site promotes safe dating, protects your personal information, and makes your dating experience unforgettable. You will not want to leave the site once you register. Only good quality profiles, moderators who are checking all the content, and nice communication features ensure that you find a person that you genuinely like. Mutual respect and tolerance is a must for all the users if they want to be a part of SoulSingles. The site does not accept underage users, violations of policies, and illegal content. All you need to become a part of the membership pool is a profile with a photo and a couple of words about yourself. Besides, you can use it from your laptop or mobile device, so communication with your matches happens non-stop. With SoulSingles, you will settle down sooner than you expect.

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