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Vanilla Umbrella
Vanilla Umbrella
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Vanilla Umbrella
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  • Vanilla Umbrella app available for Android and iOS;
  • BDSM lovers;
  • High level of security;
  • Availability of PIN code function;
  • Ability to find participants by geolocation;
  • Vanilla Umbrella has an advanced search system;
  • Having a large number of active users
  • A small number of fake profiles
  • Few reviews of the Vanilla Umbrella website and app;
  • The application is often buggy;
  • Paid subscription

Vanilla Umbrella is a dating site and application for the fetish community. Users are successful people who are fed up with monotonous sex life and want to diversify their sexual needs. The Vanilla Umbrella site has registered fans of BDSM dating. BDSM has gathered in itself different directions that have not been combined into one concept for a long time. So, lovers to dominate and obey, experience, and hurt became representatives of this sexual movement. BDSM is not a perversion of both partners voluntarily agree to immerse themselves in the roles they have invented. Vanilla Umbrella users should play these fetish roles because the main task of this site is to unite and acquaint people who like the BDSM direction or for those who are the first wants to experience all the delights of these fetishes. Vanilla Umbrella is trying to unite people who are not satisfied with ordinary “vanilla” relationships and who want to diversify their sex life. The BDSM theme is what you need! Since the term BDSM (sado maso) is a collective phenomenon, there are many directions directly included in the Topic: bondage, spanking, flagellation, domination, sadism, masochism. For those who have a thematic relationship that are no longer news, so-called practicing topics, there is a great opportunity to discuss the same experienced user’s aspects of the application of various practices. For convenient communication, the site has a BDSM forum and chat.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Vanilla Umbrella is for you if you are worried about sexual fantasies. Registration on the site does not require a lot of time, confirm your email, and agree to the safety and use rules of Vanilla Umbrella. The main rule of the Vanilla Umbrella is that the member is an adult, all your information will be stored for six years, by the general requirements of UK law. You must also agree to the processing of your data for Vanilla Umbrella’s profile matching system to find a suitable match. You can also agree or decline the service of sending notifications to your email. After completing all the procedures and filling out the profile, you can start communicating and acquaintance. You will be able to send private messages or communicate in an open chat with various interesting participants, participate in fetish forums, and write your opinions and experiences on BDSM topics. Meet and make BDSM dates for each other. In addition to the Vanilla Umbrella website, a mobile application is also available, which can be downloaded free.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

If you decide to become a Vanilla Umbrella user, you will need to visit the website or download the application, which is available both in the App Store and in the Google Play Market. The registration process is very simple and will take a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes. First, you need to know the gender and gender of the partner you want to date. After that, you will need to provide a valid email address and write a password. The most important thing is to choose a Vanilla Umbrella username, it must be memorable and interesting so that another user will pay attention to you. After that, the new user will need to write down their location information and date of birth. The profile can be created at any time convenient for you, and this process can be left for later, when you have enough time to fill out the profile. With the help of how you describe yourself in your profile, the match system will look for a suitable partner for you, so you need to think carefully about what you should write about yourself.

Profile interface

Profile interface

After that, you have visited the Vanilla Umbrella application or website and completed the registration process; it will be your turn to fill out your profile. You will need to share useful information about yourself. You should not rush, and you should think carefully about what to write about yourself. A profile is your business card, which determines your success in finding the right partner for you. It will be necessary to answer several questions so that the matching system will find you the one you are looking for in the future. The main rule is no depraved photos! All Vanilla Umbrella profiles with naked photos will be deleted immediately, don’t forget about it. Photography plays an important role in your acquaintances, so choose a good photo where you can be seen, and luck will be on your side.



Vanilla Umbrella offers its users several matches every day. If you like any match, you can write to him to chat messages. Vanilla Umbrella tracks your location and can show you which member is near you. Enjoy the benefits of the Vanilla Umbrella app and website, chat in fetish forums, and chat rooms.

Fetish forums in several categories with different topics:

  • Looking for;
  • LGBTQ community;
  • Love stories;
  • Meetups with locals

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

Vanilla Umbrella has about 2 million registered users, and most of them are from the UK. These are mainly young participants ready to experiment with their sex life and want to get new sensations.

Users age

Active lovers of BDSM and Vanilla Umbrella site members are men, 60% of them, and 40% are women. Active users are between the ages of 26-29. Although here, you can meet participants of different age categories from 18 to 55+.

Sexual preferences

The sexual orientation of Vanilla Umbrella members is different:

  • Naturals;
  • Gay;
  • Lesbians.

All of them have one thing in common – BDSM.

Race And Ethnicity

In the Vanilla Umbrella app and website, race and ethnicity are irrelevant. Users of any race, skin, and hair color are free to register and start dating at Vanilla Umbrella.

Religious Orientation

Vanilla Umbrella has no religious or belief restrictions. Anyone can become a new user of Vanilla Umbrella, no matter what faith or religion you are.

Vanilla Umbrella dating website features

Vanilla Umbrella dating website features

Vanilla Umbrella was created, especially for those who love debauchery and fetish. VU is also available here – a free community that was created specifically for BDSM fans. Also available functions are:

  • Setting the PIN-code;
  • Radar function;
  • Using chat, fetish forum

The function of setting a PIN code on a mobile application is very important. No one can find out your secret and carnal desires since the entrance to the application will be protected by a PIN code, and if you lose your mobile phone, no one can enter the Vanilla Umbrella application.

A radar feature that displays kinks around your area, this feature detects who is near you.

Using a fetish forum allows its users to communicate on various topics such as:

  • Unicorns;
  • Swingers;
  • Latex;
  • Full-swap;
  • DDLG;
  • Leather;
  • Slaves;
  • Femdom mistresses, etc.

In the open chat, Vanilla Umbrella discusses where the various parties and parties, dinners, and fetishes will be held. Don’t miss this opportunity; all the fun happens at Vanilla Umbrella.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Becoming a member of the Vanilla Umbrella dating site is possible only by inviting other members. The likelihood that it will be possible to register two different profiles on the site is very low. Only verified users are registered on the site, if users behave inappropriately, then the profiles of these members are blocked forever without a chance of recovery. Also, the user can delete any messages and conversations that contain his personal information. It is also recommended to contact the Vanilla Umbrella dating site’s support service if the user doubts the profile’s reality and thinks it is a fake profile. The site’s support staff will check the suspicious profile as soon as possible, and if the profile turns out to be fake, it will be blocked. And also you should not give your personal information to new acquaintances, try not to disclose information about where you work, where you live, and how much you earn, try to keep this information secret until you know your interlocutor well. On the resource Vanilla Umbrella welcomes a formal, secular style of communication, respectful attitude towards all users of the site, regardless of their experience, Dominant or subordinate status, the degree of BDSM presence in their life, as well as regardless of the presence or absence of exotic addictions; friendly behavior; the desire to help the interlocutor asking important questions for him. Personal correspondence of users is an intimate matter, and the Vanilla Umbrella moderators do not monitor it. Still, in the event of massive complaints of insults and inappropriate behavior, the administration reserves the right to intervene and block the profile.

Is Vanilla Umbrella legit or scam service?

To find out if Vanilla Umbrella is a legal service or not, you can search for information and reviews about this dating site. The site has been operating since January 2015, and during this period, there has not been a single complaint that could prove the illegality of the Vanilla Umbrella site.

Subscription types and price

Vanilla Umbrella provides its users with two types of subscriptions:

  • Free subscription;
  • VIP subscription

To understand if Vanilla Umbrella is right for you, you can purchase a one-month subscription to see if you want to use this online dating site in the future.

Free and paid subscription options are located at the bottom.

Free membership

Vanilla Umbrella free subscription includes:

  • Free registration;
  • Free profile creation;
  • Ability to view profile photos of other members;
  • The ability to download a mobile application

Vanilla Umbrella paid VIP subscription includes:

  • Ability to exchange messages;
  • Removing annoying ads

VIP subscription cost:

  • 1 month: $ 19.99
  • 3 months: $ 54.99
  • 6 months: 99.99

A paid user can also purchase credits separately, cost of credits:

  • 50 credits: $ 15.99;
  • 100 credits: $ 23.99
  • 200 credits: $ 32.99

Website design and usability

The interface and design of the Vanilla Umbrella website and app is well thought out. It is very convenient to view the sections of the application and the site on a black background. The navigation is very easy to use, the main buttons are two buttons in the upper corners of the site and the application. Images in the application and the site are of good quality. Interesting content is the main feature of Vanilla Umbrella because the BSDM theme attracts a large number of different and interesting users.

Mobile application

Mobile application

Vanilla Umbrella is a unique mobile application created for the Android and iOS operating systems. The app has similar features to the official Vanilla Umbrella website. In the application, you can also register and create a profile. Indicate your data, as well as describe your appearance, as well as indicate your sexual preferences. The user of the Vanilla Umbrella also can filter members by BDSM preferences, fetishes, and roles. In the application, you can also purchase a paid subscription, after purchasing a VIP subscription, annoying ads included in the application will be removed.

Contact information

Сompany: Vanilla Mobile LTD

Address: Surbiton, UK, KT6 6BU.


EmailEmail: [email protected].



Vanilla Umbrella is the best BDSM dating platform and creates an unusual atmosphere for single users and couples who prefer unusual sex. The Vanilla Umbrella app and website use the members’ geolocation, so it is convenient for members to find a partner and make a date as soon as possible. The security system of Vanilla Umbrella blocks all suspicious profiles and preserves the personal information of users.

Vanilla Umbrella members are successful and wealthy married men looking for relationships with young beauties, experienced, and lovers of BDSM. Confidential meetings with Vanilla Umbrella users and secret acquaintances are guaranteed both in the app and on the official Vanilla Umbrella dating site.

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