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One of the best dating apps for lesbian, bisexual, and people.

HER Overview

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  • Free downloading of the HER app;
  • The application is easy to download, install;
  • Free registration;
  • A small number of fake profiles;
  • Swipe function
  • To join the application, you need to have and link your Facebook or Instagram profiles;
  • Unlimited swipe requires Premium Membership;
  • Paid membership

HER is one of the best dating apps for lesbian, bisexual, and people. Users can send unlimited messages, upload unlimited photos, and read pop culture articles. HER is a rapidly growing dating application in the “gay social network” format. The interface is rich in personal settings – filters and notes about the desired characters, statuses, and reminders. HER can be installed for free, but additional functionality is available for an additional subscription. For example, you are viewing profile guests and the ability to send messages to new members. The application is available for iOS and Android devices. In addition to the section for swiping photos, the application has a section called “Meet,” where you can see the girls nearby and select a dating scenery using icons. Yes, in almost everyone, you can choose your preferred gender, but this does not satisfy the need for a comfortable communication environment. HER app provides a cozy and safe space where girls can freely love girls.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Users of the HER application can view photos of other members’ profiles for free, but get acquainted with the member’s profile and find out who they like you will need to purchase a premium subscription. It is possible to exchange messages for free, but only with friends and with those who mutually like you. If you want to write messages to a member you don’t know, you will have to become a premium member. The search engine in the application is not developed; the participant can get acquainted with those users whose matches are available. The HER application can be downloaded free of charge and calmly watch photos of girls, put likes. You can also purchase a paid subscription with advanced functionality – for example, creating additional correspondence. Male profiles are caught by moderators and mercilessly deleted. Probably after a while, their interest will subside, and they will not bother the girls, but the HER moderators do not lose their vigilance, they try to remove all the men as quickly as possible. If a girl is worried about a profile, she can complain to technical support. Moderators respond quickly. HER is an app as a place where people can chat without random visitors passing by.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

Registration for HER is only possible with a Facebook and Instagram account; it will take a minimum of time. Only female users can register in the application. There is no verification and verification of user data in the application. All your information and photos will be synced from your Facebook and Instagram profiles. After registration, you can independently change your profile photo. HER is an app for conscientious adults. The application is not afraid of blocking because it does not violate any laws – and the developers are sure of this. You can register in the service only from the age of 18, and here people who incorrectly indicate information about their age are carefully tracked.

Profile Interface

Profile Interface

To create a HER app profile, you will need to indicate your gender, from the list you must select:

  • Female;
  • Agender;
  • FTM;
  • sex fluid;
  • intersex;
  • two-spirit;
  • non-binary, etc.

Your profile details should also include:

  • Your age;
  • Name;
  • Height
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Sex;
  • Relationship status;
  • Friend list
  • Photos

After filling out the profile completely, you can start active acquaintances with other users of the application.



Communication between HER app users takes place by sending private messages. The HER app user can write messages to friends from the social network, but if the user wants to send a message to another user, then he will have to purchase a premium subscription. The match system automatically offers users matches every day. The user can express his sympathy using a swipe.

Members Structure And Activities

Members Structure And Activities

More than five million women are registered in the HER application worldwide.

Users Age

The age of registered users of HER application ranges from 18 to 45 years old.

Sexual Preferences

Users who are lesbians, WOMXN, and Queer people can register in the HER application

Race And Ethnicity

It doesn’t matter what race or ethnicity you are; the main rule of HER is that the user must be a female.

Religious Orientation

A member with any religion and belief will be able to become a HER user. There are no restrictions on religion in the application, and they do not ask you to indicate your religious preference in the profile.

HER Dating Website Features

HER Dating Website Features

The HER app provides unique features for lesbians to meet and have fun. Special features include:

  • Meet;
  • Feed;
  • Events

With the Meet function of HER app , which is the app’s main function, you can view user profiles that match your age and interests. By swiping to the right or left, you can “like” or “dismiss” the member’s profile. If you have mutual likes, you can start a correspondence through messages.

The Feed function allows users to interact online, allowing users to meet, send private messages, and like in real-time. With this feature, members can make a lot of new acquaintances.

The Events function was created so that the planned lesbian events and events were published here; it can be discos, concerts, picnics, and various musical events. The participants of the HER app will be able to meet and communicate outside of virtual time.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

For finding matches, each service collects a range of sensitive data, including sexual preferences, physical location, and even the way the application is used. This data allows the service provider to create a very detailed profile for each of its users. HER Application developers try to protect confidential user information as much as possible. For this, it was decided to synchronize the user’s social networks with the HER profile. The user must create a social network account and a realistic profile with real photos to become a HER. There are cases where the stump confirms women’s profiles, which outwardly are very similar to men. The developers of HER do not allow the internal leakage of valuable information that can be used by an attacker to develop an attack plan against an application. The HER App Terms of Service is the only way to understand how your data is used properly. It means that the only way to secure your data truly is to read the terms carefully and not use any dating apps unless you need them and have a clear idea of how your data will be used. The bot analyzes users’ correspondence and, based on certain keys and phrases, sends a signal to the moderation team. The moderators do not see the correspondence; they only receive a signal that perhaps a minor is hiding behind this profile. Suspicious accounts are deleted.

Is HER Legit Or Scam Service?

The HER application is legal. To verify this, you can go to the site and familiarize yourself with the application’s conditions and functions. You can also read reviews about this online dating company.

Subscription Types And Price

The HER application offers its users free and paid subscriptions. The paid subscription is a Premium subscription and can be purchased using a credit card and mobile phone.

Cost of HER app Premiun membership

  • 1 Month- $14.99 USD;
  • 6 Months- $59.99 USD;
  • 12 Months- $89.99 USD

If you decide to unsubscribe from a paid subscription, you can still use the premium subscription until the subscription expires. Nobody will return your money, so you should not buy a membership one year or six months in advance, buy a membership for one month to test the application, and see if you want to get acquainted with it further. If you delete the HER application from your mobile device, your subscription will not be canceled.

Free Membership

HER app free subscription includes:

  • Registration
  • Create a profile
  • Ability to view profile photos of other members
  • Ability to send and receive messages
  • Ability to receive notifications
  • Ability to use the Meet function
  • Ability to use the Feed function

HER app paid subscription includes:

  • The ability to see who is online now;
  • The ability to find out who liked your profile;
  • Ability to change location;
  • Unlimited swipes:
  • The ability to rewind profiles

Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

When a user opens the HER app, they quickly and easily understand the content. The key principle of the application is section navigation.

While interacting with the application, the user may need to go back one step. The “Back” button is located on each page of the HER app so that the user does not have to start all over again. Going to the main page and losing all the entered data.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The HER application is available for iOS and Android operating systems. The user will be able to download them in the respective stores. After you download the application to your device, you will need to synchronize your Facebook or Instagram account with your account; it is very simple. It does not take much time; after registration, you can fill out your profile and mark your sexual preferences further, the application could offer you the corresponding matches. Removing an application is as easy as downloading it.

Contact Information


Address: 2101 Pacific Avenue Apt 401 San Francisco CA, 94115


E-mail: [email protected]



Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone, mobile applications and the Internet have become indispensable travel assistants. The HER app is perfect for dating, friendship, or chat. The HER user profile is as brief as possible. Long profiles are of no interest to anyone; everyone wants to communicate and discuss upcoming meetings as soon as possible. Therefore, the application profile is balanced: on the one hand, it is short and concise; on the other, after reading it, you can form an idea. The HER app is for women who want to build relationships with women, which does not necessarily mean sex (although it does too). It is about an all-encompassing communication experience: here, you can find sisters in spirit, girlfriends, emotional support. Women in our progressive world still do not have many opportunities for free communication with each other. HER application is quite feminist: it supports and defends the ideas of emancipation, independent women who can create their own, strong, and multifaceted community. The main feature of the HER application is the “Meet” section. For example, if you wanted to have coffee, or there is no one to go to a movie with – throw a cry, which will be a great occasion to meet. Right in the section, you can select the purpose of the meeting that other users will see. “Meetings” are ranked by distance. That is, the girl sees in the section other girls closer to her. If desired, the search area can be expanded: see “Meetings” in another city if the girl is going on a trip.

There is also an ordinary swipe – they are also ranked according to the degree of distance between people. You can swipe pictures, put likes, and get to know each other on this basis. If you have the same sympathy, then a “crash” happens. By synchronizing with Facebook or Instagram, you can find out the number of mutual friends and see interests (subscriptions to pages, movies, music, etc., as well as track the nearest LGBT-friendly events.

HER does not set itself ambitious goals to change society, but the application becomes much more popular. In demand, the world itself will know that lesbians and bisexuals also exist, and HER app will change attitudes towards them.

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