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Koko app Overview

Koko app
Koko app
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Koko app
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  • The interface of the Koko app is multilingual and comes in nine languages
  • It is an app with international outreach
  • It is easy to get a real date but not a virtual friend only
  • The user pool includes young and career-driven people who are looking for partners
  • Your exact GPS location is not obligatory to find you matches
  • A lot of quizzes about personality types and interesting results
  • There is no desktop version

How does it work?

How does it work?

Although Koko is an app and has no desktop version, it is more successful than other services. It collects an audience larger than other services that possess multiple platform types. Using Koko an individual doesn’t have to follow any special procedures or requirements. It has a set of features, and subscribers are free to decide which ones they find amusing. The simplified registration process and setting up the profile made it accessible and attractive for people of different age categories. Good quality of special features helps users discover new ways of meeting people. Forget about the traditional dating techniques and get ready to be surprised by the alternative ways. With Koko, the time spent online never feels wasted. Since the app is available in most online stores, you can read honest feedback from real users. It is usually a positive impression that the app makes on users. A lot of couples share their love stories that happened at the Koko app.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Registering with the app is always convenient. The Koko app provides three options: email, phone, or social network account. Using your account at Google or Facebook is fast and furious. You save time and effort since all the data integrates. There is no need to fill in the age, gender, contact details, and photos. The other option is to give an email. There is no verification procedure, so you do not need to wait hours for the link or code to come to your account. However, the email should be valid, and you need to have access to it.

Profile interface

Profile interface

The Koko app offers to pass the quiz and show your results to other users. The profile is made of a section ‘About me’ and the results of these quizzes. You can take as many as you want, and they will all be about different topics. For example, your passion is cooking and traveling. You can pass these quizzes only.

The section ‘About me’ contains basic information like your gender, appearance, and location. You can also upload photos, but mind that the moderators will check them. The website cares about the quality of the content. To avoid unpleasant and illegal content, the team of moderators is working on filtering the content.

The app gives you a percentage to understand whether you completed your profile or not. It is recommended to have at least an 85 % complete profile. If you leave your page without a photo, it looks like you are not serious about dating. Koko users are people ready for the real action to happen soon. So, the app does not force you to upload the photos, but you need to do it for your benefit.



The Koko app is not free of charge. The opportunities for paying and non-paying members will vary, but both will get their chances to talk to others. Free membership limits a set of options. The users have a small number of messages they can send daily. On the other hand, they can share hearts without paying. If two people voted for each other and formed a ‘mutual crush,’ they can chat for free.

Fee-based membership gives numerous options. First of all, subscribers can chat unlimitedly with anybody. Moreover, they can vote for users and see who voted for them. In other words, they see their matches and people who liked them. The basic search toolset comes for free. Yet, there is a ‘Tribe’ option that becomes available for a paid membership. And it is more effective. Another activity that brings you a match is ‘GetReal.’ Looking for dates is an option available for premium members, but applying for it is available for everyone.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

The Koko app is a popular app with a membership pool of half a million users worldwide. Its daily activity is estimated to be 2 000. Around 20 000 people reside in the UK. The app was created for English-speaking users, but the owners soon realized that it could be international. In consequence, its interface was translated into nine languages.

Users age

You cannot join Koko unless you are of legal age (18 y.o.). The most active age category on the app is 25 – 20 y.o. The category of 35 – 45 y.o is the second-largest, and it shares the place with the 55 +. It is a weird combination of age categories, but in general, it is safe to say that Koko is suitable for every type of user. It is inclusive and meets the needs of people who are looking both for casual fun or serious dating.

Sexual preferences

There is a gay share option on the Koko app. You can indicate the gender you prefer in your profile. It is in the section ‘About me.’ The stats currently show that the website hosts approximately the same number of heterosexual and homosexual users of both males and females.

Race And Ethnicity

About 50 % of users come from the United Kingdom. They belong to different nationalities. The most popular are Indian, Polish, British, Scottish, Romanian, German, Pakistani, etc.

Religious Orientation

You are free to put down your religious views if it influences your choice of partner. The website does not restrict you from indicating your belief. The majority of users are Christians and Muslims.

Koko dating website features

Koko dating website features
  • ‘Tribe’ displays the list of users, potential matches, and popular people on the app.
  • ‘GetRea’ is a tab where you can find premium members looking for dates. They post their dates, and you are free to volunteer even if you have a non-paid account.
  • ‘Voting’ opens the tab with users’ photos and lets you vote whether you like them.
  • ‘Quiz’ is a tab with a lot of questions. Based on your replies, it sums up your main traits of character and paints a picture of your personality. People are free to post their test results on the profile. The topics that these quizzes cover are numerous. It is obligatory to take the quiz.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The Koko app is all about privacy and safety policies. It has a team of moderators that look through the photos and profiles. They check for illegal content, nudity, child abuse, or any pornographic material. They also deal with client complaints. If you encounter a rude user who violates your rights, screenshot the messages and pass it to the moderator. It is easy to get in touch with the moderators since they are always available. Note that your private conversations with users are not filtered so that you can exchange any information. The other side of that coin is that you never know the intentions of that user. The Koko app does not have a history with scammers, but you never know when one might appear.

Is Koko legit or scam service?

The Koko app is a legitimate product developed in Hong Kong. You are free to check out the sections’ Terms of use’ and ‘Privacy Policies’ to find the app’s licenses. Reliable payment systems and online stores acknowledge it. If you want to find out more, you can contact the app’s support with your inquiry. You have to send an email to one address, and your question will be redirected to the responsible department.

Subscription types and price

Subscription types and price

Koko users can purchase subscriptions from an online store (Apple, Google Play, etc.). As to the payment options, mobile phones are the quickest ones. You can also use a credit card.

There is only one type of subscription with the same set of features that can last for one, three, or twelve months.

Free membership

Being a free member of the Koko app is possible, but it’s not the best idea. You will not see the whole range of opportunities without paying a subscription. Unfortunately, the app does not have any trial versions. Being a free user, you can set up your account and have a limited number of daily messages. It gets frustrating when you cannot read a reply from the person interested in you. Moreover, if you have a free account, you will not see all the people visiting your profile and liking it. Depriving yourself of these stats is not useful for online dating.

The paid membership at the Koko app is a real deal. It is an averagely priced app that delivers a high-quality result. Additionally, the subscription has perks that other apps cannot offer you even for more money. The longer subscription you get, the cheaper it costs. It is a tendency of most modern apps. The three months Koko subscription costs £5.50 (£16.49 in total). Compared to one month that costs £15.49, it is a real deal. Equally important is an annual subscription that costs £81.99 or £6.83 per month. Moreover, there are diamonds that you can purchase for a separate price. The average price of one diamond is £0.02, and they come in a lump of 50, 125, 300, or 1000.

The greatest bonus of the paid subscription is that it sets you free from any advertising. It is nasty advertising that keeps ruining your focus and distracts you from selecting the right match. So, make sure to get rid of it.

Website design and usability

Website design and usability

The Koko app is designed as an app and does not require a desktop version.

Mobile application

The mobile version is a well-developed, well-structured product. It is free of bugs and crashes. The updates come once in a couple of months. It is worth saying that the developers were quick to react to the users’ initial complaints, and nowadays, the app works smoothly. It deals well with the user activity, even when it reaches 10 000 a day.

The app uses your location only if you want it. You are free to manage the settings from your phone. It also asks for access to your media, and again, it is optional. A great thing about turning on your location is that the app can show you people in the area whenever you need a date.

Contact information

[email protected]

Hong Kong



It is worth trying the Koko app for a couple of reasons. It is another program that won’t take up much of the space on your phone but will serve you well. Fancy a date here and now? Get in touch with the people that are genuinely interested in you. The app is not setting you up with random individuals. Instead, it works out the most suitable match to make your experience unforgettable. Furthermore, the app pays attention to the policies and violations of them. In case the user is showing any kind of negative behavior, the moderator will deal with it in a matter of minutes. Although sometimes you can see a fake profile, it won’t stay on the site forever. The minute you complain about it, it gets erased. Everything the app does is aimed at making the user experience better. If you are looking for quality and you do not want to mess around, the Koko app is the right tool to use.

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