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The best Christian online dating app for meeting spiritually focused singles for long-term dating.

LoveAndSeek Overview

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  • LoveAndSeek offers its members an opportunity to record video introduction for their profiles;
  • The interface of the website is clean with a modern look;
  • Premium membership of the dating platform is affordable;
  • The site entails a vast membership base.
  • There are no chat rooms to join discussions;
  • The Messaging feature is not accessible for all members.

How Does It Work?

LoveAndSeek is a niche dating website that is focused on connecting Christian singles looking for long term relationships. The most extensive member base of the site is in the US. Ample of the members on the website are active and respond quickly. You can find many members online no matter what time you are signing in on the site. To experience the maximum potential of the website, you need to upgrade your membership.

The dating service was created in the early 2000s. It’s a well popular website with exceptional functionalities providing a platform where Christians can find meaningful relationships.

The gender ratio of the website is almost equal. You have high chances of meeting someone special on the website regardless of gender. The active members on the site make it easier to communicate.

The comprehensive profile system of the LoveAndSeek gives detailed information about the members. It’s easy to determine whether a user has anything in common with you or not. It’s a time-saving feature of the website. You can only communicate with those users whose profile interests you. The registration method of the website is straightforward and takes only five minutes. How the site attracts, such a high population is a secret revealed in this LoveAndSeek review.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

The signup process of the LoveAndSeek is easy and straightforward. The whole deed is done in under 5 minutes. There is no email verification process or lengthy details.

You need to follow the pop-ups on the site to complete your registration. You can start with the gender and the country, which only gives you a choice between the USA and Canada. Enter your valid zip code and username with a password. You have to add your birth date and email address too.

After the necessary information, there will be more pop-ups, which is part of your profile creation. You can skip these and edit later in your profile settings. Members don’t have to verify their email addresses but to have an active profile on the LoveAndSeek dating site, you have to complete most of your profile and upload a photo.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

At the time of signup, members are given specific pop-ups for their profiles, which are not mandatory. You can add some personal information along with personality tests and uploading pictures to create an impressive profile.

All the members have to create their profile and add a certain amount of information to make their profile visible. There is not a specific order to complete the page. Let’s start with the highlights of the profile and guide you through the process.

The first highlight of the profile is the personality test, an essay type questionnaire designed to know members better personally. You can answer the three questions according to your faith. The questions entail your favorite place to go for a date, qualities you are looking for in a partner, and important information about you that your partner should know. There are eleven more questions that you can skip or answer as desired.

You can fill the personal information on the LoveAndSeek profile by adding data about your physical appearance like your height, weight, hair color, body type, etc. State your future expectation about a relationship, mention your current relationship status and lifestyle choices.

You can add details about your profession, income scale, and opinion about having children or family. You can add as much information as you’re comfortable with and skip the steps you don’t want to disclose publicly.

As a niche dating website, LoveAndSeek focuses on religious orientations. Religious background information is a must for the site. You can enter information about your involvement in the church, religious denomination, etc. Be precise about this section of your profile because the members on the site will be most interested in your religious background.

Starting a conversation with someone is sometimes awkward, but LoveAndSeek has solved this problem by adding a section named Message Idea. These are questions that will be posted on your profile for the visitors to answer. You can select your questions from the inventory of the LoveAndSeek

Now the best and unique part of the profile is the video and audio greetings. It’s the coolest feature of LoveAndSeek by far. The visitors on your profile feel welcome when they see a video or audio introduction on your profile.

You can easily upload audio or video greetings from your device or computer. You can also record the video through your webcam and upload it to your profile.

One important part of your profile is uploading pictures. Choose lively photos that show your personality and snippets of your life. You can also connect your FB account with your LoveAndSeek to get easy access to your social media pictures.

You can choose some colorful icons to give your profile an exclusive look. Select a background wallpaper that will provide a glimpse of your personality and lifestyle.

Profile Interface


LoveAndSeek provides productive communication channels to its premium members. Paid members can send messages to all the members and use the instant chat feature of the site. They can start a discussion with any online members. As an active member base, there are high chances of finding active members anytime.

Paid members have the luxury to see the members’ profiles that have to send Flirt to them and save their profile on the favorites list. In simple terms, there will be nothing hidden from the premium members.

Standard members do not have much access in terms of communication. They can save the profiles they like on the favorite list so they can find them in the future. They can also send flirts, which could be viewed with name by the premium members.

To find the ideal matches, members can use the extensive search filters of the dating platform. To know more about these search filters, continue reading, and know the details.


Members Structure and Activities

The LoveAndSeek members mostly belong to the Christian belief. They seek partners who share their beliefs and faith. The majority of members are looking for long term relationships that end up in marriage.

LoveAndSeek is not an international dating website as the members are either from the US or Canada. The registration form of the website mentions only two states.

We can’t say that it is entirely an international community since the vast majority of people signed are from the USA, and some are also from Canada. You will observe a variety of relationship statuses, but all monogamous as Christianity is not a religion where polyamorous relationships are allowed.

Members Structure and Activities

Users Age

LoveAndSeek entails a diverse age ranging from 25 to 45 years old. Most of the members are in their prime ages, looking for life partners with a similar faith.

Sexual Preferences

As a Christian dating website, LoveAndSeek members seek only straight relationships. The site does not allow any other sexual orientation on the platform.

Race and Ethnicity

LoveAndSeek is not an international dating website, and the members on the site are mostly from America and Canada. However, there are multiple races and ethnicities on the site. No matter what race or ethnicity you belong to as long as you are Christian.

Race and Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

LoveAndSeek has an open mind for all religions. The site welcomes members from other religions, but the most dominant religion on the website is Christianity.

LoveAndSeek Dating Website Features

LoveAndSeek has some amazing features which make the site an excellent dating platform. Some of the great features of the site are:

Search filters

LoveAndSeek offers extensive search filters that help members in finding their love interest. The site’s filters include age, distance, physical appearance, online status, profile photos, etc.


Flirt is a fantastic feature of the site available for free and paid users of the dating website. It’s a useful feature for standard members as they can express their interest without spending any cash. When you send a Flirt to a user, he or she will be notified of the interest. The recipient can send back your Flirt, and it will be a green signal to start the conversation.


It’s a fantastic feature that lets members to add profiles they like to their favorite list. By adding members to the favorite list, they not only get bookmarked on your account; you can also keep track of their activities.

Dating Tips

LoveAndSeek offers its members dating tips to improve their relationships and help them find true love.

Personality questionnaire

It’s the best section of your profile, which gives other members a peek into your personality and likes or dislikes.

Instant Match

Each profile has an I’m Interested button, which, when clicked, notifies the member that someone showed interest in their profile.

Top Interest

Like CupidTags in Cupid Media dating websites, you can add personality traits highlighted in users’ profiles on LoveAndSeek.

LoveAndSeek Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

LoveAndSeek has robust security measures to provide its members with a safe and secure environment. The site gives an option to track who sends you interest and puts your name in the favorite list.

The site hides the identity of the users by using usernames instead of real ones. You can decide which member can discover your real name when the time comes. Members can block or report any users on the site.

Is LoveAndSeek Legit or Scam Service?

LoveAndSeek is a legit dating website with amazing features. Thousands of members have found their soulmates through the dating platform, and the testimonies are evidence of their successful relationships.

Is LoveAndSeek Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

LoveAndSeek offers free and paid features on the website. To have productive experience on the site, members have to upgrade their membership to premium. The premium subscription is offered in one, three, and six months tiers.

Premium membership cost structure

  • One month: 16.99 USD
  • Three months: 36.97 USD
  • Six months: 53.94 USD

Free Membership

  • Registration
  • Profile creation
  • Using search filters
  • Adding members to favorite list
  • Sending flirts

Free Membership
  • Sending and responding to text messages
  • View members who send flirts
  • View members profiles who have added you in their favorite list
  • Using instant messenger to chat with online members
  • Profile highlight

Website Design and Usability

LoveAndSeek has an excellent interface with user-friendly navigation. All the features are assembled in an organized manner for easy access. The inbox and connections features are placed on your left, while the right side displays currently online members that are available for chatting.

You can see the search results in a grid, and the photos interface of the matches are shown with age, name, and location. You can easily put members in your favorite list by clicking on the Save button.

Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

LoveAndSeek offers its members a fully optimized mobile app with similar functions as the desktop. The features on the app are the same in functionality and organization as the desktop version.

Contact information

  • Company: People Media
  • Address: 8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1400, Dallas, TX 75205
  • Phone: (214) 576-3272
  • (214) 853-4309
  • Email


LoveAndSeek is an excellent dating platform for Christians in the US and Canada. Members of the site are seeking straight long-term relationships with marriage as a final goal. Communication methods, though, are fabulous but only available for premium users. One of the distinctive features of the site is its video and audio introduction. This cool feature is the highlight of the dating website. If you seek a life partner with Christian roots and faith, LoveAndSeek has just the right matches to make your life heaven.

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