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Lumen Dating App Overview

Lumen Dating App
Lumen Dating App
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Lumen Dating App
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  • Lumen dating is a fantastic app that connects like-minded senior members based on mutual interests.
  • Each member must prove their identity.
  • The Lumen dating platform doesn't allow young people to join, making it available to the same age group members.
  • The app is easy to use for senior citizens.
  • The help and support team of the dating app is flexible and efficient.
  • The dating app provides a safe and secure environment for its members.
  • It's an interest-based matchmaking app that connects members with similar interests.
  • Strict screening of images and pictures of users for age confirmation.
  • Users below fifty are not allowed to join the Lumen dating platform.
  • A small member base minimizes its effectiveness in small cities.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The Lumen dating app is an extraordinary creation of Lumen App Ltd. It’s a new concept in dating that targets the senior population over the age of 50 years. The goal of the Lumen dating app is to connect mature men and women worldwide based on mutual interests. The member base of the site is relatively small, at about one million. However, the positive feedback and success stories are an appealing factor to give it a try.

Let’s talk about the goals of the Lumen dating app.

  • Matching mature single men and women globally
  • Connecting based on their preferences and interests
  • Offering a genuine, safe, and secure environment allows members to have quality time with real profiles.

The website version of the app also provides a link to download the app. The app has a simple interface, taking into account the senior ages of its members. It’s a smart step that makes members feel comfortable with the layout even with bad vision.

The language used on the app is suitable for mature adults. There are multiple possibilities of finding different relationship status members like widows, separate, divorced, and those who want to have a casual short term relationship.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

The registration process of the Lumen dating app is straightforward and quick. New users can register on the Lumen dating app by providing some basic information. It’s a quick form filling process that requires 10 to 20 seconds. It’s a time-saving process in which new users can create real-time pictures to make an impressive profile during the sign-in procedure.

Lumen dating app registration is a one time deal that does not allow users to leave half of the information for the next time. You either complete the whole process or start anew.

The information required by the Lumen dating app includes:

  • First, middle and last name
  • State, city, and country
  • Postal address
  • Home address
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Profile picture

The information is confirmed through a message or email. The pictures are easily uploaded from the mobile or imported from Facebook accounts.

Profile Interface

Profile Interface

The Lumen dating app profile has enough information to determine whether a member suits your preferences or not. Searching for different profiles is an easy task and does not require any multi-step process. The real name provided at the time of registration is not displayed on the profile users can only see your username. It’s a security step to keep the members’ identity safe so you can disclose your real name during the conversation if you desire.

Members can add their likes and dislikes in their profiles and mention their relationship status. You can add information about your physical appearance, which includes hair color, skin color, eye color, body type, weight, height, etc.

Members can verify their picture by tapping on the yellow button on the screen. Follow the easy instruction to complete the process. The app has a robust system that compares your selfie photo with the one you have uploaded and approves your account is verified. The site makes sure your selfie is not accessible by any members; it’s used only for authentication.



Lumen dating apps have an influential matching system where members can search their matches through extensive search filters or click on the Discover tab for the match suggestions. The Discover feature is available by tapping on the Lumen dating logo at the bottom navigation bar. The profiles suggested are screened by age, gender, and location, which could be adjusted in the filter section. Standard members can use basic filters, while the advanced filters are accessible by premium members.

Now you have a potential match and know which profiles you like the most What Next?

It’s time to send messages to the members you like. Profiles are displayed one at a time with three options.

  • The green star icon saves the profile.
  • The yellow chat button is for sending messages.
  • Tap on the arrows to Skip the profiles if you are not interested.

The Green star profiles can be seen in the navigation bar under the Star icon. The star profiles are saved as favorites to be accessible in the future.

Standard members can start only six conversations daily. The best part is the allotted six numbers do not include responding messages or active chat already in process. It means that you are estimated to initiate only six conversations every day.

Standard users have a maximum of three days to respond; however, premium users can extend the limit for another day. You can create an Icebreaker, which is a fantastic feature to avoid awkward conversation starters. You can start a meaningful conversation rather than a simple, Hey!

Members Structure and Activities

Members Structure and Activities

The Lumen dating app is a fantastic service specifically designed for members 50 or above years of age. The app is restricted to anyone younger than 50. The focus of the app is to connect people looking for serious relationships. The user base of the app is small because of the senior targeted audience. The small base doesn’t limit the app from finding perfect matches for its members based on interest and preference.

Users Age

The Lumen dating app is designed to benefit mature people above 50 years. It’s not a sugar daddy or mommy dating app, nor does it allow any younger members to join. All the members on the site are either 50 or above in age.

Sexual Preferences

Lumen dating app prefers its members looking for serious relationships. The site preference of straight relationships mostly because senior citizens are conventional in thinking compared to the younger generation. Members on the site are separated, widowed, divorced, or single looking for conversation buddies, serious relationships, or casual relations.

Race and Ethnicity

The Lumen dating app has no restrictions regarding the race and ethnicity of the users. You may find members from multiple ethnicities and races. If you prefer a particular race or ethnicity, better mention it in your profile for best matches.

Religious Orientation

The Lumen dating app has a diverse religious orientation because of the availability of multiple races. Members are allowed to find potential matches with religious preferences.

Lumen Dating Website Features

Lumen Dating Website Features

Lumen dating apps have some fantastic features which make them exclusive in the dating world. Apart from targeting only mature audiences, the app has these excellent features as well.

Search filters

The Lumen dating app allows its members to filter their search results by applying multiple available filters. You can adjust your search preferences according to your interest and likes.

If the suggested matches in the Discovery section are not according to your liking. It’s time to start adding filters to customize your matches. Standard members can use the necessary filters to search, which include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender

Premium members have access to the site’s advanced filters, including searching through physical appearance, interests, username, recent members, online members, etc. Once you are satisfied with your search filters, save them for future use.


Members can easily add users to their favorite list by tapping on the Star icon on each profile.

Response timeframe

Unlike other dating websites and apps, the Lumen dating app has a specific time frame for the members to respond to a message. If you fail to answer back within three days of the send message, it will disappear from your inbox. You better hurry up in deciding whether to respond or not. It’s a great feature to stop the heavy influx of messages in the inbox.

Icebreaker Messages

Ice breaker messages are a blessing for those who don’t know how to start a conversation. Think of some creative Icebreaker Messages and use them in your communication to impress the recipient.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The Lumen dating app has set strict safety and privacy rules for its members for sharing public information. The usage of advanced technologies of cookies and Captcha safeguard members’ privacy and secure them from hackers and scammers. Authentication of identity and pictures is another smart way to verify profiles and rule out take accounts. The app uses strong passwords with symbols and numbers to secure members’ login information.

Is Lumen Dating App Legit or Scam Service?

The Lumen dating app has a small member base, but the members on the app have a lot of success stories to share. The site’s positive feedback on various search engines is evidence that it is legitimate in providing productive features and functionalities.

Subscription Types and Price

Lumen dating app offers premium services to its members to enjoy all access to the features. Standard members have the luxury to enjoy most of the app features, but paid membership gets unlimited access to the app.

Cost structure

  • One-week premium membership cost €7.99
  • One-month premium membership cost €24.99
  • Three-month premium membership cost €49.98
  • Six-month premium membership cost €69.96

Free Membership

  • Registration
  • Creating profile
  • Using basic search filters
  • Starting six conversations daily
  • Responding to messages
  • View up to 10 skipped profiles
  • Initiate up to 12 conversations every day
  • Use advanced search filters
  • View the members who have liked your profile
  • Members get extended hours to respond to the first message.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The Lumen dating app has a user-friendly and impressive interface with amazing features.

The features let members view the profiles of other members with their details and pictures. The layout of the Lumen dating app is simple and well structured for senior citizens.

Older members with vision disabilities can adjust the contrast and transparency from the app settings.

Lumen app display images that have high quality, which looks appealing to the visitors. The yellow and white color scheme gives you a warm feeling. All the features are neatly organized for members to navigate easily. As the targeted audience of the app is senior citizens, the focus of the app design is on simplicity so that the non-tech users don’t get confused with the layout.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Lumen dating is an app and has a website for information purposes. It’s easily downloaded from the virtual stores of iOS and Android.

You can also download the app from the website. The site is light in size and only takes 14 Mb of Wi-Fi or mobile data. The app updates automatically whenever there are new updates available.

One exciting feature of the app is its data. If you uninstall the app and reinstall it, your Lumen dating data will be available as before. The app has some interesting features like blogs, messages, search filters, Discover to find matches, etc. The font size is easily readable, and those pictures are larger enough inside to view properly.

Contact Information

Company: Lumen App Ltd

Address: Broadgate Township 3rd flow, 20-Primrose-Street, London United Kingdom.

Phone: none

E-mail: [email protected]



The Lumen dating app is an excellent dating platform for senior citizens who are looking for dating partners. You can find various relationships on the app, such as divorced, widow, separated, and singles. The app is readily available in virtual stores for free. Unlike other streamline dating sites, the Lumen dating app allows it’s standard members limited messaging options. They can start a conversation and respond to messages as well. The robust security measure of the app scrutinizes each detail with precision to avoid fake accounts. If you are 50 or older and looking for some fun time or a long-term relationship, download the Lumen dating app and enjoy your time with like-minded people.

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