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Swing LifeStyle Overview

Swing LifeStyle
Swing LifeStyle
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  • The website has an extensive database of active users.
  • Swing LifeStyle organizes various events, forums and most of them take place in major cities.
  • The profiles on the website are quite detailed, but uploading a photo is not mandatory.
  • Free-subscription users of the website may also view the profiles in full-size.
  • You may have access to swinger clubs available in different parts of the world.
  • Except for instant messaging, you may join chat rooms as well.
  • Premium members may hide their profiles from free users.
  • Instead of multiple-choice questions, the users are encouraged to describe themselves in an essay-like format.
  • Swing LifeStyle does not offer a mobile application. Neither versions for Android nor iOS operating systems available.
  • Login through Facebook is not available for the Swing LifeStyle website.
  • Messaging is a premium feature. Free users may only receive and read messages.

Swing LifeStyle (SLS) is one of the transsexual dating websites which is for non-conventional and open-minded singles. It was founded in 2001. The website claims to suggest “alternative lifestyle dating” services, since there is still misconception of the word swinging. Societies do not accept some sexual activities such as swapping, threesomes and orgies, which is a common topic for websites like Swing LifeStyle.

The Swing LifeStyle website’s slogan is “Start Your Sexual Revolution.” The website encourages liberal singles to join and enjoy a different kind of relationships and events. Besides exceptional sex dating services, the website also helps to enlarge your social network. You may enter various forums, events, and groups.

Swing LifeStyle states of being a dating platform where sex and unusual connections come across. This Swing LifeStyle review is devoted to exploring the website’s features and whether it is worth joining or not. It is not the best choice for long term relationships. The website has an extensive user database with 16 million registered members. Most active users come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. However, the website has a global reputation, and Asians, Latino-Americans, and Europeans widely use it. The website’s community is very user-friendly and committed. It is very proactive, and its members know what they want and how to get it. The users also come up with different direct propositions. Due to its fresh view on sex, the website is quite popular among females. The most active users’ age ranges from 18 to 25, which means that the young generation predominates. Compared with the male users, female users are not very active on the Swing LifeStyle website.

The Interface of the Website. Is It Usable and User-Friendly?

The Interface of the Website. Is It Usable and User-Friendly?

The Swing LifeStyle website’s interface may look a little bit outdated and boring, which could discourage many young users from joining. The website does not offer any fancy features like communicating via web-cameras or video-chats, but when it comes to helping you find a partner to match up, the website does a great job. The buttons and tabs are neatly organized on the website’s homepage. You may find all the necessary features on the left side of your profile homepage. The uncluttered interface makes navigation through the website impressively straightforward.

Despite its simplicity, the layout is user-friendly, which does everything to make your journey with Swing LifeStyle unforgettable. You will be notified once you get a message by a pop-up and a sound, so there is no chance of missing any. The website can be used even by older generations’ representatives since the navigation through the website does not require a higher level of computer skills or being tech-savvy.

The Quality of the Audience

The Quality of the Audience

The profiles on Swing LifeStyle are quite detailed, although the registration does not require completing long-listed questions or any personal tests. It is not a secret that the more detailed profiles get more viewed by other users. You may change or edit the information on your profile any time you want. Completed profiles make an impression of a reliable person, while non-completed ones are mostly perceived as scammers.

The Swing LifeStyle website’s community is diverse, and you may encounter both singles and couples. Viewing full-sized profile photos is a feature available for everyone regardless of membership. Nevertheless, the premium members can choose to hide their profiles from free users, just adjusting the profile settings. The paid membership also gives its users an advantage to view free users’ profiles and initiate a conversation if they would like. Moreover, nude profile pictures is a good idea if you want to stay away from scammers and fake profiles.

Although the registration process does not require email verification, profile photos are verified by the Swing LifeStyle administration. In general, fake profiles are easy to spot since most users are usually serious in their intentions about swinging, and they do not waste time on annoying people. For this purpose, the website lets members report about users with fraudulent behavior and block them from contacting you in the future.

The Swing LifeStyle Website’s Unique Features

The Swing LifeStyle Website’s Unique Features

Along with some communication methods on the website, the Swing LifeStyle website encourages its users to meet in different local and international events and forums.

Hot Date

The Hot Date features allow the members to advertise and mention their calendars when they are free and would like to create a group. They may also invite a specific person to meet on a particular day. This feature may be used as organizing speed dating or announcing any upcoming event. You may schedule an event with one person at a time or with several swingers at the same time. The website leaves the choice up to you.


Since the first day of its foundation, Swing LifeStyle has enlarged its travel agency services worldwide. It has created the Topless Travel agency, particularly for the Swing LifeStyle website’s official users. Although most of the tours are week-long voyages, there are also house parties, safari adventures, parades, etc.

Swinger Clubs

Swing LifeStyle provides the active members a map of all the US swing clubs. You may click on your current state and find the clubs that employ a swing lifestyle. The website’s administration does not do this, but the members are encouraged to create their clubs and notify about it through the website. The clubs should be organized in public places such as bars, malls, theatres, cinemas, etc. They should only cater to the Swing LifeStyle website’s members, and the participants should be the website’s members as well.

Interest Levels

Swing LifeStyle has three different interest levels; Tame, Moderate, and Wild. Tame interest shows that the user is interested in the same room sex activities but own partner. Moderate interest means that the user is interested in oral or anal sex activities but not full sex. And finally, Wild means highly-sexual activities, including full swing sex and sex with someone other than your partner.

Is Mobile Application Available?

Unfortunately, Swing LifeStyle does not offer any mobile applications for its users. However, the website offers a mobile version of the website, which you may browse using your phone. The mobile version allows you to use all the advantages that its desktop version has. The problem may be the size of the interface, even though it’s adjustable. The mobile version is the best choice for users who cannot spend long hours in front of computer desktops. You may use it whenever or wherever you want at your convenience.

Singing-Up Process and Account Creation

Singing-Up Process and Account Creation

Like other similar transsexaul dating websites, to register on SwingLifestyle, the users should be 18 and above. The website does not offer an opportunity to login via Facebook account, but the registration process is relatively straightforward, so everyone may join with ease. The site is the right choice for both singles and couples looking for some hot swinging with exciting partners. The registration would not take longer than 5 minutes. It does not ask you to answer any personality test questions. The website policy is to create a platform for you to find optimal matches on your own.

First, you need to choose a username that is not used by another website user. You should bear in mind that the username cannot be changed later on, even if you have a premium membership. Then, create a strong password and confirm it. It would be good if you also choose the account type that you are going to develop. You may choose among three options; “Couple,” “Female,” and “Male.” Confirm that you are 18 and above and agree with the Terms of Use. For the second stage of the registration, you should provide an email address and specify your location.

For the final stage of the registration, you need to provide some details about your sexual preferences, appearance, habits, etc. This information will be visible in your account to let other users know whether you match their preferences.

Once your account is created, you are encouraged to complete the fields with more information if you find it necessary. As mentioned earlier in this Swing LifeStyle review, uploading a photo is not mandatory for creating an account. Premium users may blur their pictures for free members. Moreover, they may hide their profiles if they do not want to appear on standard users’ search results. Despite all these drawbacks, free users may go along on the website without purchasing a premium membership. However, the paid membership price is not too high, and if you want a better swinging experience, you are welcomed to upgrade your account to the premium version.

In addition to simple registration, you may sign up on the website with their other website – If you click on the “Join Free” button, the website will redirect you back to SwingLifestyle.

Costs and Prices

Swing LifeStyle, like other similar transsexual dating websites, offers two membership subscriptions: standard and premium. Although premium membership gives more advantages to the users. You may enjoy most of the features of the website without it as well. However, if you have opted to purchase a premium subscription, you do not need to worry much about the cost. The prices are quite reasonable, and a person with an average income may afford to buy it. The premium membership is offered in four different time limitations: 1 month, three months, six months and 12 months.

Along with these four, the Swing LifeStyle website also has a lifetime premium subscription. This is relatively uncommon for similar dating websites. This membership allows you to have access to all the website features, and even some more. Transactions can be done with Credit Card or Check payment.

Duration Costs Total
1 month 14.95 USD / Month 14.95 USD
3 months 9.98 USD / Month 29.95 USD
6 months 8.33 USD / Month 49.95 USD
12 months 5.83 USD / Month 69.95 USD

Lifetime premium membership costs 149.95$. According to many Swing LifeStyle reviews, the latter subscription is the best choice for the users who will join the website for a long period of time.

Standard Membership

In the beginning of this Swing LifeStyle review, it was stated that free members of the website have access to several features. This allows them to enjoy their dating experience without purchasing the premium membership.

The users of the Swing LifeStyle website’s free services have the following features available to use:

  • Registering on the website
  • Creating a platform
  • Searching for the matches with basic searching tools
  • Viewing other users’ profiles, if they are not hidden by the owners
  • Joining different group chats, which may give a chance to get acquainted with a lot of interesting people
  • Create or take part in various forums, which may be local or situated outside the users’ location
  • Blocking certain users from contacting you
  • Organizing events with the calendar available in the profile

Premium Membership

Swing LifeStyle offers the following features for its premium members;

  • Viewing other users’ nude photos
  • Uploading blurred photos
  • Closing your profile for free members
  • Sending instant messages
  • Joining different chat rooms
  • Rating clubs available worldwide
  • Approving new members

Is the Website Safe to Join?

Is the Website Safe to Join?

Although the registration on Swing LifeStyle does not require any email verification, you may be sure that the website cares about your safety. Paid members may hide their profile content from free members. Moreover, the users have two default gallery options; public gallery and private gallery. All the public photos that you upload on the website will be automatically added to your public gallery. While the private photos, once uploaded to your private photo gallery, will be invisible for users. You may change those settings and close the access to your gallery to certain users. Moreover, free members of Swing LifeStyle cannot view paid members’ private photos, even one gets access to it. To view the full-sized photos, you should purchase a premium membership and upgrade your account. Photos go through a thorough verification process before allowing them to post on your news feed.

You may be sure that your personal information and messages are well protected. The messages are sent through the internal mail system and SLS connection. This means you don’t need to worry that they can be stolen. Your email does not show any of your messages and is hidden from other users. As stated above, you should be careful while choosing a username, since it cannot be changed. If you change it, you will lose all your data saved on the website’s system. Last but not least, the website ensures that your information will not be shared with third parties without your acknowledgment. If you want to know about the websites’ security measures, you can visit the dedicated page and read the Privacy Policy.

Are Profile Validation and Background Checks Done by Swing LifeStyle?

Are Profile Validation and Background Checks Done by Swing LifeStyle?

Despite the fact, the registration on Swing LifeStyle does not have an email verification process, the content on the website goes through regular and thorough checkups. The photos are rated in three different categories; “G,” “PG,” and “R.” “G” rating means that the photos are not nude and can be visible for all members. “PG” rating indicates the photo includes some sexual content, but there is no nudity. While the “R” rating means that the pictures are entirely nude and contain moderate sexual content.

However, like many other dating websites, it is quite normal for Swing LifeStyle to host some fake profiles. To decrease the number of scammers on the website, the system also relies on the users’ active reporting about other users with strange behavior. Once you encounter a user with fraudulent behavior, you are encouraged to make a report. The system will go through them as soon as possible. If they find the user trying to take advantage of the website for their bad intentions, the system will terminate their profiles at once. Moreover, after blocking a particular user, you may be sure that they will not view your profile or message you.

Last but not least, Swing LifeStyle does not carry out any background checking process. The website is open for everyone regardless of age, sexual preferences, religious orientation, race or ethnicity. If you are looking for swing sexual experiences, the website is a good idea for you to join.

Is Customer Support Service Available for Swing LifeStyle Users?

Is Customer Support Service Available for Swing LifeStyle Users?

The customer support service of Swing LifeStyle is always ready to answer your questions 24/7. You may have various queries about the registration or purchases on the site. You may use the information provided below to contact them, or you may go to the “Support” page on your homepage. You can be sure that your problem will be reviewed as soon as possible. If you come across a strange user, you may use the “Report” button, and the service will automatically go through it. However, if you have some issues with a premium subscription, you are encouraged to directly message the administration.

Contact information

Contact information

Company: DashBoard Hosting, LLC

Address: 6100 Glades Rd STE 205 Boca Raton, FL 33434-4300

Phone-number: (754) 242-7440

Email address: [email protected]



Swing LifeStyle is a niche-dating website focused on offering swing sex experiences to its users. The website was founded in 2001 and during the period after has managed to gain a lot of popularity. According to many Swing LifeStyle reviews, the website currently has a 16 million users database. The most active members are the young generation representatives, which may be due to the website’s ideology. It offers a new and non-conventional view on sex, which is not widely accepted by many people. The intuitive and user-friendly interface attracts more and more users to join the website’s big community and enjoy its unique features. The website offers several features that are unique for this kind of dating service. Except for offering help with finding your perfect match, the website also helps to organize different forums and events, both local and international.

Along with unique features, the Swing LifeStyle website ensures that it is safe to join since all your data is protected. The profile information goes through thorough checkups by the website’s moderators. The website’s premium membership is not expensive as well, and anyone with an average salary may afford to join. Taking into account all these advantages of one of the best transsexual dating websites, you may try your sex dating experience with Swing LifeStyle.

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